View Full Version : people need to learn to chill

02-12-2017, 03:06 AM
people in death match if you get knocked off thats your fauth if you get double team and die its probably cuz of your character i had a 1v3 as a conquer (yes i like to be a tank) and i killed 2 out of 3, and ppl talking about no honor in death match, thats a team effort but on brawls if you want to 1v1 and show ur skills in brawls (2v2) then yes, im tired of ppl getting so mad because they lose, understand that it isnt just about skill in deathmatch its also about strategy, stop complaining and dont, talk crap to ppl and not duel them relax its game we are all here to have fun, having troubling killing another player, watch thier moves and learn how to counter that simple