View Full Version : Assassins too strong?

02-12-2017, 01:02 AM
YEa - sometimes they can do combos u cant break and also i get as warden - down to 10% health from ranged attacks i cant block.

So - how you should play against classes you cant attack cause they attack SO ****ING FAST that your character cant really attack back. (i blocked a combo of them 2x in a row - but he was still avaiable to fasthit me or attack with fast attack - then do a defense break - (when i want to attack - i pressed mouse 1 so ****ing hard) - but my character wont block.

Also its annoying that assassins can kill you just by throw range ones. i was 100% - got smoke-bombed 2 times - and after this i was on 10% hp - the viking just has to fasthit me and im dead. How you should compensate that? (btw you also cant heal because youre exhausted :) )