View Full Version : Prices for cosmetics and orders

02-11-2017, 04:16 PM
Hi folks,

there is something that I have in mind since the last few betas and technical tests, and that are the prices of cosmetic items like ornaments,outfits,emotes and especially executions.
I think the prices of some of those items are a bit to high especially for emotes and executions, a single execution costs 5000 steel at the moment which is quite hefty if you consider that you get about 40 to 60 (sorry I dont know the exact numbers) from one dominion game and a dominion game takes quite some time in comparison to the other gamemodes .

I get that those items are for prestige only and should be worked for but the fact that you also need to spend steel on your gear (for example leveling up your gear getting it via the scavenger) kinda makes it even harder because you have to decide if you want to put your steel in your stats or in your appearance which is not a very good compromise in my opinion but I can live with it the thing that really bothers me though is as I said the prices of executions and emotes, those are just some animations but you have to pay 3000 for an emote and 5000 for an execution which at the current rate of steel income is insane. If you dont have the time to play 8 hours a day it will take weeks to get a new execution.

I can already see a lot of people writing that I should complete orders to get more steel more quickly which brings me to my next point: the order system at the moment is utter nonsense, they offer not enough reward for the tasks you have to fulfil, for example "complete 5 matches of elimination (PvP)" I have to complete 5 matches of a gamemode I really dislike to get 100 steel. Of course this is a matter of taste and Im not forced to play those but If I really want to get some steel but without playing against AI or a gamemode that I dont like I have to grind match after match after match with barely any progression.

Of course this is not the biggest problem of this game and of course this is just the beta things can change (and I really hope it does) but I still wanted to express my opinion and to ask what you guys think about it.