View Full Version : Issues with the game

02-11-2017, 03:32 AM
Well lets start off with the obvious, not having dedicated servers with matches dropping and constant people leaving is just killing the game and making me and very many other people just not want to play or purchase the game in the future.. its something that really needs to be fixed.

Revenge seems very broken at times. for example: i was being attacked by 3 people, i managed to block all their attacks and gained revenge. i then used ''revenge'', i was attacked in the animation of using revenge, which is supposed to knock down everyone that attacked you while in that animation. Instead of all of the enemy's falling to the ground, during the revenge animation i was hit out of the animation and died instantly.. time and time again this happens. Revenge is supposed to let me attack through being attacked without interruption, except for the simple fact so many times..im still being interrupted.

Another issue is the soldier AI running around the middle zone B, why is it that they do not ever move out of my way.. if anything they crowd me more which immanently doesn't let me attack another player or makes me be attacked cause they've essentially made a wall.. wtf they are my subordinates pretty much.. make them gtfo of the way..why isn't there an animation like lets say in assassins creed where shoves the AI out of the way...

Whats the purpose of having abilities like smoke bomb if it just stops you and performs an animation that takes way to long, i dont see the benefit in that..