View Full Version : Nothing But issues in open beta

02-11-2017, 01:16 AM
I was a Massive fan of the closed Beta, i got the Beta having never heard of the game and held no expectations which is why i was probably blown away, i pre ordered it straight away for my valentines gift off the wife. When the closed beta came i advised all my mates to get the game and they are now questioning my sanity! Nothing but bugs.

1st pain is the connection, constant drop outs and freezing mid game, the impossible task of just going from game to game without having to quit to main screen because the game end up being you vs bots!

the crash where you can't actually see the game properly and play from a birds eye view making it impossible to actually play the game.

I have apologised to my wife and advised we may need to change my gift as i don't trust the ubisoft servers to deliver a constant online game with any real force. I am afraid this will just disapear into obscurity. I really want this game to be good but i notice all games have low activity so i hold no hope of this picking up once the game is released and the pubic have to pay to play.

You have went from a very excited closed Beta to losing my trust and possibly my custom

Many Thanks