View Full Version : Game feels really random a lot of the time

02-10-2017, 08:44 PM
So after playing closed betas and now the open for a bit, I find myself feeling that the game is very random in how and when the mechanics work. Guard break most of all. Seemingly identical situations can play out in a completely different way from time to time. Sometimes you get hit while dodging perfectly, sometimes you don't get hit when doing a really bad dodge. Sometimes the person who does a guard break gets it, sometimes he doesn't in the same situation.

And the locking on some players/characters do is ridiculous. You dodge way out of the way of the attack only for your opponent to do a 90 degree turn or hit you while aiming forward.

There needs to be a lot of work before this game feels skill based in my opinion. Sure, you can verse better or worse people, but when it comes to the fine tuning and the finesse plays, it's lacking a lot.