View Full Version : [PC] So many errors.

02-10-2017, 02:32 PM

Here is an error I get everytime I launch the game, not sure what it does because the game still launches successfully everytime.


This happens every 2nd time I launch the game, if I close the client and then re-launch it I'll get this error and not be able to click on anything and have to close the game and re-launch it again to fix this issue.

Upon all that I'm getting errors midgame, network connection errors that send me back to the menu, matchmaking errors after the matchmaker fails to find me a game. It literally takes me an hour or two to find one game I'll be able to play all the way through. One time I actually watched a movie practically all the way through until I was actually able to find a game.

If this is what I should expect, it looks gloomy for this game on PC.