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02-06-2017, 01:49 PM
Hey mates,
I found for honor for a pretty good discount but it's from an uk website.
So I was wondering:

Are there and differences to the german version?
Am I able to connect and play on the same "realm pool" as when I purchase the german version?
Could I just normally register the game in Uplay as I could with the german version?

For those who wonder yes I'm german that's why I wonder if I could just buy it from an UK site without any problems.:confused:;)

02-06-2017, 05:21 PM
-The differences between the german and the english version will be lower quality voicacting and stupid translations :D
Ok, seriously i want to make a point for buying the english version if your english is good enough (and yours seems to be fine): If you learn the heroes', feats, weapons, strategies names etcetc. you will have a much easier time following the game on a international level in streams, forums and with players from other EU countries and beyond (mostly EU countries, though, because of ping :D )
If you for example get good enough and you play in an international clan, there would be some confusion in the communication if you learned all the games vocabulary in german.

However, if you just are going to play with your neighbours Harri and Franz, than thats not an issue, ofc ;)

Aside from that, i think the game preferrably connects you to players in your region and the region is determined by your IP adress, not your version of the game.

Alles klar, cya !

02-06-2017, 05:27 PM
Thanks for the answer mate. Regarding the language that's not an issue in any case. I play them mostly on englisch anyway and also it says:

Simplified Chinese

On their purchasing page.

I was more concerned about the part of playing with others in my region. Just imagine buying a game from somewhere else just to find out that you can't play with friends or people with an average good ping. That would rly suck :P.