View Full Version : What is your most memorable duel? Mine is "The Bleed Race"

02-05-2017, 07:54 PM
Nobushi vs Peacekeeper holy **** these fights are so fun.

I'm a pretty experienced Nobushi user and my only trouble was fighting other Nobushi and Peacekeepers in 1v1. Nobushi is pretty exclamatory mirror matches suck but Peacekeepers on the other hand. Had a 1v1 against a Peacekeeper that knew what she was doing. If she baits me I bleed if I bait her she bleeds any weakness we showed the other would punish. Wish I could pull up the clip of how it ended from my xbox so I'll try to explain it.

In order to inflict my bleed I need to chain as many bleed thrusts combos as possible before she is able to block/parry and stack it but for her it's getting in fast and get a successful guardbreak and every stab applies more bleed damage. Every round pretty much ended with 2 corpses on the ground so it's like "You didn't win" but at 2-2 both me and the Peacekeeper used all our trump cards to get a victory and once we used it we weren't able to do it again the next round because the other already memorized the trick and shut it down immediately.

We footsied the round until I had 1 bar of health left and my last bleed brought hers to half a bar but it cost me to go into exhaustion mode and my swings were ridiculously slow so slow it hit her but it did little damage, she quickly punished me with her lunge attack and followed up with her bleed. I tried to cancel out her guardbreak with mine but I was too slow, she got all 3 stabs and my white health bar became red, meaning I will slowly bleed out and die if I don't do something fast.

She starts to backdash away from me to solidfy her win as I regain my stamina and in desperation I charge at her with little health I had lefted and used my running light which is a crouching thrust to the left, the edge of my weapon managed to stab and kill her and before I can even say good fight my character bled out. If I didn't quickly think of doing that or mistiming my attack or her simply blocking it which she was doing all game I would have lost.

In the end we both messaged each other and talk about the game and how we both main bleed characters. After a long talk about match ups and strategies we decide to team up in 2v2 and 4v4 since we both were tired dealing with annoying teammates. And settle the score in 1v1 since every round ended with 2 dead warriors. Get ready to fight against a bleed duo in 2v2 and 4v4 in the next beta.

What is your most memorable duel? :)