View Full Version : Now hear this...Orochi Alpha players stop QQing!!!

02-03-2017, 04:59 PM
First of all let me say my favorite character is the Orochi, my MAIN no side chick needed...talkin bout head and a sandwhich type..RS...Now that said...I never played the Alpha and I'm so glad I didn't, because from what I seen from these Alpha videos that gotdamn storm rush baiting spam sht was so so broken and you Alpha Orochi Babys know it... So if you sucked in the Close Beta and QQ'd about the Orochi being nerfed to Hard...Well we know what kind of player you were in the Alpha LMAO! I never had any problems with mixing things up with in the Orochi's move set...Its Chess not Checkers so stop relying on 3 or 4 moves and think your going to win a 1v1 battle against me...Just saying Orochi to Orochi!!! The amount of salty messages I got from other Orochi players was ridiculous...I wish Ubisoft would enable cross mic in the lobby at the being and end of a match...I was so tired of deleting sht in my inbox and don't want to deal with that BS when the game launches..RS :rolleyes::p:o:D;):cool: