View Full Version : What causes out of sync in mp

02-03-2017, 10:02 AM
I think one of possible issues that might cause out of sync in multiplayer is the problem with UBI servers.
If you just watch your friends list for a long time - you will see that occasionally sever connection go down - so the friends list disappear and appears a message "sorry the UBI servers are not available at the moment, we'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible". This can last for 1-5 seconds and after that connection is back again.
I think in case of a mp game this could cause out of synch.
I also noticed that the mp game is much more stable in periods when such messages do not appear at all.

02-04-2017, 11:12 PM
yeah well good luck getting ubilols doing anything about this since they have abandoned this game now... time to realize that this game is never gonna be playable with mp.