View Full Version : Only 3 Game Modes...?

01-30-2017, 02:57 AM
Only 3 game modes in all... we have DOMINION / BRAWL / DUEL.
this is a HUGE problem. No matter how good or fun this game can be only having 3 game modes in the final game will be a very big problem and people will get bored very quick.
i really hope they have something more to give us because this is not good. If their going to take this game as a straight up fighting game and only have these few modes than they need way more classes/characters imo...i mean even like MKX and all other fighting games have more modes than this... why don't they have like king of the hill or tag team or free for all in a arena...im mean there is so much potential here and they don't take any advantage of it. this game is perfect for these kind of modes. WHYYYY ubisoft WHYYY?

all in all great game so far ubisoft...you done good thinking outside the box coming up with this awesome game.

01-30-2017, 03:26 AM
If I remmeber correct, there was deadmatch at beging of this open beta, but it was unable to play, so I guess there will be more game modes in final version.

But I think at the begining the less modes are better, players will be not devided between many different modes and matchmaking will be better and faster. And after they gain big player base, they can smoothly introduce aditional modes. I guess these 3 modes + one more + singleplayer will be enough for first 2months. But truth is I am only speaking as causual player, who dont spend playng same game 5-6 hours a day :o

01-30-2017, 03:32 AM
I agree. I'm a little worried about the actual content or gameplay of the game. Feels like they spent 80% on characters and 20% on actual gameplay. I'm afraid that it will get stale quick not because of combat, but because of lack of Maps and diversity. Dueling is great for learning to play, but gets boring quickly. Skirmish and dominion really is the bread and butter and they need a lot more variations with maps, and NPC involvement. It would be cool to have a third party affect such as the God of War coming in to kill everyone during dominion or a skirmish. Some cool all-encompassing affects like an Earthquake or part of the keep caving in on part of the battlefield. How about an escort or steal the flag concept. An assassination scenario where you are trying to break down their keep and kill their king while they defend. Gameplay ideas are endless but we have 3 maps for dominion that all feel and play the same, and skirmish and dueling. Overwatch is a great example of what not to do because all their maps feel and play exactly the same, it got boring very quickly because of this. For Honor has such a great base, but they need to give the content some love.

01-30-2017, 03:34 AM
There is more, we just got 3 for the beta.

01-30-2017, 03:35 AM
i agree, all those modes plus so many more would work so well with this game and imo are much needed to keep this game alive for the long term.

TCTF_SWAT, no there is actually no more modes. those are the 3 that will be in the final game. unless you're trying to say 4v4 elimination is a different mode..but to me it isn't. even on their main website if you go to the game modes page there is only duel, brawl, and dominion mode. i hope im wrong tho...