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01-30-2017, 12:52 AM
The game is fun as all hell, though it will certainly get stale quickly without new maps/modes being added. I picked the Conqueror as I love being the shield guy in almost every game I can do it. By the way, this isn't rant or anything, but there are several things I've noticed about the game that really bug me. And sometime down right made me annoyed.

First, the guard break system is broken. Lets get that outta the way. You can defend it all you want saying simply get better. I win many 1v1, most of them in fact. I studied the combos, the attack reach, the delay between launching an attack and it landing. In other words I put work into learning my class and how it functions. Yet anytime I lose it's because of the same reason. Guard break -> heavy attack. This gets spammed so much its downright annoying. Yes I frequently block it, yes I typically parry, and yes to those wh suggest I get better, we all should. Yet this game had me intrigued as a technical brawler. You have to know their character as well as your own. The fact that anyone can spam this technique and win with little training with that particular character is intriguing to me. It almost reminds me of that guy who button mashes the hell out of their controller for the old school fighting games and would win.

Secondly, as a Conqueror I find myself a little jealous of all of the unblock-able attacks everyone gets, but I'm stuck with a shield bash that doesn't guard me and is easy as hell to sidestep. I would love something here, some offensive attack that I could use if my combos all hit or something.

Thirdly, the Samurai. As a whole these cats are not balanced at all. I get everyone should be faster than me, as the character I'm playing is slow. However, if I'm mid attack they should not be able t ohit me with their respective heavy as my mace clips though their head. This left me bewildered more that a few times. The Kensei is a little unbalanced with three dang unblock-able attacks, the Orochi move like the freakin' wind, and don't even pretend like the spear woman is even remotely balanced. What I'm saying is that when I go into a fight and see a Samurai type, which is about every friggin match, I feel like it's an uphill struggle.

I do however feel most of the other classes are well balanced for the most part. Though I wouldn't mind seeing a slight buff to the Warlord, he feels much weaker than anyone else to me. However, I do also support the fact the Peacekeeper is a nightmare to fight against as a Conqueror. Yes they have a very small amount of HP. This character typically just darts about dodging everything with full stamina till she can make me bleed some, them run off again. This is annoying, and although a valid tactic, I feel that its cowardly. Dodging to me is also a little too forgiving, even when my big *** gets around the enemy I thinks is weird how easy it is to do consistently.

Everyone also knows of the connection issues as well, mostly about the game is near DAO for a lot of people due to the lack of committed servers. So that doesn't need dead horsing.

Although I love the game and manged to almost get my Conqueror to Reputation 2, that's how much I love that guy, this game is getting a pass until they can solve the balancing issues, the server conundrum, and fill the game with more modes that just three. This is just my opinion though guys, what do you think of all this?

01-30-2017, 01:05 AM
I'll say it again, keep GB as spammy as iit is, just reduce the reward for it. Less throw range and only 1 light attack (No auto's).. Knockdowns are a fine though.

01-30-2017, 02:34 AM
I mostly disagree, and I'm also a conqueror main. Rep 1 level 16, 73% winrate in 1v1s.

1 - Yes it's powerful. But it's powerful for everyone. It's arguably MOST powerful for conquerors due to his heavy-shield bash-light combo that's fairly difficult to dodge. I think making the GB counter window slightly larger wouldn't hurt, but I can regularly cancel GBs as it is, and the way it is now adds a lot of difficulty and competition to fights.

2 - I haven't seen the kensei's unblockable(s), but from my experience with all the vikings', knights', and assassins' unblockables, is that they're easy to dodge/attack through.

3 - Just like they can attack faster than conquerors, the conqueror can attack faster than a lot of classes as well. This adds a great deal of risk to a lot of classes' attacks, which is a good thing. The nobushi certainly needs a nerf though, maybe orochi and kensei, but I don't have as much experience with them so idk. Whether that should be in her attack speed, her bleed, or her range, idk, but one of those should probably be toned down a bit.

I do think the game as a whole is very unforgiving when it comes to reaction times though, especially so with the assassins and samurai. Don't know if I like that or not yet, it adds a lot of difficulty to the game, but can be a bit much at times. I fought a really good orochi today and he was feinting extremely well, made me feel useless half the time because I couldn't react in time to block or parry.

01-30-2017, 03:23 AM
First of the guard system isn't broken light attacks beat guard breaks. They changed it from the previous alpha in which guard break beat all attacks but now it only beats heavies but if someone is performing a light your guard break does nothing but leave you open.

Second, you a conquerer jealous? Your a walking ****ing tank that spam shield bashes and get free swings from it because people are staggered, not to mention at close range they just start swinging in different directions and if you don't block them your dead. And their Revenge mode gives them super armor on every swing. Players are force to hit in only 2 directions because you have a ******* shield that deflects for free idk how are you jealous about unblockables when your the embodiment of ********. No one wants to fight you in 4v4 because you take way too long to kill and no one wants to deal with you in 1v1 and 2v2 because you spam guard break/shield bashes to knock them off maps.

Third as a conquerer you should only play responsive, charge your swing block their attack and hit them. You should only be offensive if they are out of stamina from you blocking all their attacks because blocking in this game is easy and you wait no stamina doing it.
Kense - the Kensei only have 1 unblockable and it has a start up idk what your reaction time is but the only unblockable he has is his heavy overhead. You can sidestep it at the last min, if you do it too early it tracks, you can also hit him out of it if your fast enough but since your a conquerer that will be difficult.
From playing over 10 hours there are 3 types of orochis, those who spam storm rush which is the back dash charging attack, his sidestep slashes and orochi who fight close range and try to overpower you with their swings, Most orochis are the first two types, when fighting an Orochi you have to pay attention to how they play and be patient with your strikes focus on blocking every attack and punish him when he's out of stamina, if you can block their storm rush and kill them most will rage quit but since he got nerfed is super hard to parry. The Nobushi is just as weak as the Orochi, 2-3 heavies is enough to drop her. She's all thrusting which means you can sidestep her attacks or just hold your block and dash forward. You can tell which side she's going to attack next because of the way she holds it. You barely have to do anything just walk forward blocking her attacks and put her in a corner, if you get in melee range she has no range to strike back besides her back light.

Forth just like you the Warlord can block hits for free without even trying because of that shield, only difference between you and him is that he has so much super armor on his attacks. His running heavy gives him super armor, it's not unblockable but you cant hit him out of the animation so unless you roll back he gets a free heavy hit in. That attack alone gets him into melee range. His overhead heavy also gives him super armor and its a pretty fast attack if you aren't paying attention, once again your forced to block, and he can hunker down behind his shield and will block any attack for a certain amount of time, so your only option is going in for a guard break which he can bait into you getting close to him so he can do another overhead heavy that has super armor behind it. I think he also has a shield bash that cancels light and heavies and guardbreaks. At the end of this beta I was Reputation 2 level 16 with the Nobushi and the toughest opponents for me in 1v1 and 2v2 was fighting other Nobushi's and you Shield bros because of how much ******** you guys ge for free,t the most health, a shield that forces other plaers to attack in only 2 directions, shield bashing that can be spammed to cheese out wins, super armor on attacks, and a revenge mode that makes unstaggerable even when taking a heavy hit from behind,

And the worst part is we didn't get to play with the rest of the cast, so before you whine about the Samurais like everyone did with the Orochi literally almost removing his Parry and now everyone is getting butt ****ed by the Peacekeeper's version that leads to numerous bleeding kidney punches. wait for the Lawbringer and the Valkyrie and she gets a ****ing shield with her long range weapon. Can already see the 2v2 filled with Warlord Valkyrie combos in which the Warlord abuses his super armor moves and the Valkyrie pokes you to death behind her shield. I like the game and already pre ordered it but every class has something that makes them ********, which is a balance in itself it just depends on the players and how they adapt to the fight. When I first started the Nobushi I almost quit using her and go back to the Orochi that I already learned in the last Alpha, but I sticked with it and overtime learned what to do and what not to do against different classes. What to look out for and which direction certain moves hit so I know where to block ahead of time. This game is going to be dominated by those with fast reaction time to block all kinds of attacks even when outnumbered and adaptability to different situations and I have no problem with that.

02-01-2017, 04:40 PM
Got the best taunt to spam along with raider and complains *facepalm*.

02-01-2017, 06:23 PM
Sorry, I dont mean to be mean, but I stopped reading after the typial "guard break broken mimi".

It is not, I am totally new player and I counter guard break 99% of the time and no, It is not like "everybody can say that", here u can see it:


Furthermore I was looking for to read some cool things about conquerer, but since I stopped because of the guard break **** I cant say anymore lol. And I play with a 800kb/sec dl speed connection in a small village in germany on PS4 eu.

Plz dont comment on the gameplay in this video, i just did post it to show u, how easy it is to counter guardbreak, thank you. sorry im so pissed right now, I just cant red that nonsene with coutner guardbreak anymore, its so annoying.