View Full Version : Some questions about Orochi and Peacekeeper

01-29-2017, 02:52 AM
Well, I post this because after playing like two hours vs Orochi as a Peacekeeper, I can't see any reason to play it. The Orochi is like a better version of the Peacekeeper. I will resume it in some points.

-The moving atack is faster
-Have more range.
-The evasion attack to the left or right is faster, can't be blocked by a guard break and is easy to follow up with a combo
-They can easily punish you for fleeing, since they have an insane range with the withdraw attack.
-Their charge attack can't be dodged to left or right, since it is homing on you.

The only thing that I see that Peacekeeper is greater I think, is that she can heavily punish you with a ward break, what will result in maybe half square more of damage than Orochi. I'm a level 30 Peacekeeper (1 Reputation) and I only want to get the point of this, so if someone can explain me why I'm wrong or any deffect to take advantage of, I will be so grateful.

01-30-2017, 08:25 AM
I played the peacekeeper for almost the whole beta as my main, although I had a great time, when switching to orochi I was overwhelmed by the OPness of this class.

I was allreay doing good with the peacekeep, but I totally OWNED when playing the Orichi.

I agree that Orichi is like the peacekeeper, but then much better.