View Full Version : Thoughts for Improvement

01-26-2017, 10:12 PM
I've had an excellent experience up with For Honor and I had an idea on something you could do to improve game quality.

I noticed that you cannot access Orders and you cannot contest the map when outside of matchmaking following a completed game, as well as the fact that players seem to want to drop out of dominion as soon as the match is over because they don't want to wait for everyone to finish. I would instead make those available to use when outside of matchmaking to streamline games so that a group of people who want to keep playing doesn't lose their group. Further more, if a group loses too many members to continue a game, they should be thrown into matchmaking for another game instead of tossed out into the main menu. If you liked who you were playing with, you should be able to keep playing with them if they want to keep playing with you.

Thank you for listening and I hope I have given you something to think about in the future.