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01-05-2017, 06:38 AM
Hey Ubisoft,

So I'm noticing not a lot of people really play watch dogs 2, and many are always abandoning the game. Lots of these people stopped playing only a few weeks after launch, and this is probably because they're only playing the story mode, because, to be honest, that's the best part. Therefore, that means there's something wrong with multiplayer. I'd say there's not really many options in multiplayer (although what is there is pretty good). I think something that would REALLY be fun is to have a new game (or several), where there's like teams of 10 and they have to download like 3 different sets of files in 3 different buildings or something like that. The buildings should be tall, or hard to get to. I think you should use the buildings in downtown, because most of them don't have a use. I also think you should do something like pistols only, because there's not really a lot of skill with shot guns and grenade launchers, but they can be fun to use (hinting at the grenade launchers). That's all of my ideas for the rules, but you guys can come up with more because, you know, you guys have like thousands of people.

But yeah, that's pretty much gonna wrap it up, if everyone could reply with their ideas, that would be nice, because I think it would be REALLY COOL to have these kinds of games.

Thanks for reading!

01-06-2017, 01:25 AM
Hey AMJbr0!

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! Love hearing creative ideas like this.