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12-19-2016, 02:15 PM
I played the recent test and I'd like to offer my thoughts.

Over all I was really impressed with how the game ran, how beautiful it was and all the amazing animations. Unfortunately what seemed to let me down was the combat. It feels close to being awesome but not quite there.

I'll try to describe my issues with it here as best as I can.

I felt that the left stick for movement felt too floaty, and the right stick for combat felt too fixed and not skill based enough, a little boring IMO. It's almost like you have them the wrong way round. I feel like I should be more committed to where I have decided to stand, but have a little more freedom with my sword controls to allow for more interesting gameplay. I noticed people doing little 180 spins then running backwards to re-position. This is easy because you have so much freedom and control with movement, so a good player I feel, will use something like this to get around certain timings that are built into the balance of the combat system, things you wouldn't be able to overcome without a dodge or block which are carefully orchestrated to be acted out the same way every time, making for a balanced game. So, a good player might use this freedom of movement to get around these balances and re-position, 180 spin walk backwards, or unlock and move into a new place to to do unorthodox things to upset the flow of combat to their advantage. It's like you've got the skill based combat on the wrong stick. If you had free movement for your sword arm on the right stick, and I had to move my arm into the 3 zones, I feel like I would have a lot more control over combat and how I bait people, providing me with a more fun, longer lasting and more free skill based combat system. Add to that a much less floaty feeling movement system, where people have to be committed to where they have run or have chosen to stand, and can't do insanely quick 180 spins and run out of an engagement, and I think I would like the game a lot more. I hope I did my best to describe what I didn't like about the game. It almost feels perfect and I would really like to play a game like this, I love the premise, but in the end it didn't really excite me like I thought it would. Dark Souls sword combat feels really heavy, dangerous, you have to be committed to your actions, I'd prefer a system that gives me this type of gameplay feels. I love the animations and combat ideas, but like I said, it almost feels like you have the skill based free part of your combat system on the movement stick, so people will end up doing stupid 180 spins and little runs and stuff, instead of freeing up the sword arm more to make for a more human feeling, free, skill based combat system, instead of just 3 locked animations and then learning all the heroes attacks and animations.

I hope this made sense. Looks like an awesome game overall, I might well give it a go but I really hope they make some improvements, it just feels too floaty right now.

12-20-2016, 04:57 AM
You got the wrong forum for this, mate. If this Ubisoft account of yours that you're using right now has had alpha access, you should have access to a Technical Test 2 forum. All things related to the alpha go there.
Warning: The forum is only open until Wednesday, I think.