View Full Version : Quicksave stopped working and black screen (PC)

11-23-2016, 08:34 AM
On my first playthrough, I used trainer (that developer toolkit thing that allows god mode and other cheats). First playthrough went fine, all the way to fifteenth chapter. Now, problem started on my second playthrough. I deleted my previous profile, removed trainer from game folder and started a fresh game with fresh profile. I was at chapter six and I had just killed the bandit leader in showdown. Next day when I continued where I left off, after collecting the cash bags and secret inside the cave, when I pressed F5 - nothing happened. Quickload didn't work either. So I resorted to saving from menu. Later, when I was on a mission to collect secret scroll from atop scaffolding, every time I fell off the ledge and died, after pressing space to continue, the screen would just go black and I'd only hear the audio. I reinstalled game, but it didn't solve the problem.

A question to anybody reading this: was the problem in the savegame? As in that save file got corrupted somehow? Could it be effects of trainer I used? But how could it be since I had it removed from game directory? Did trainer leave some crap in windows registry? I downloaded the developer toolkit trainer from gamecopyworld.com.It is simply titled Call of Juarez bound in blood cheats and comes with a file that has to be placed in game directory. I think it was called debugconfig.exe or something.