View Full Version : Attention: For honor dev team/please create dynamic themes

11-17-2016, 06:49 PM
Hello, Ubisoft peoples

Let me first say that this game is awesome. And second, the high res pictures of the factions are BEAUTIFUL. I can't post pictures here >_< but I'm talking about the ones on the the game's media page; the ones with the faction leaders posing in front of a background with a depth of field effect. Now...if you are wondering why this post is on this forum...I would like to humbly SUGGEST/REQUEST that you PLEASE use these images or something similar to make DYNAMIC THEMES for each faction. I saw that you can get avatars by preordering, but sadly no dynamic themes. Good themes are few and far between these days, especially outside of preordering. Not to mention the ps4 lacks the ability to save a wallpaper. With this being such an amazing game, won't you PLEASE consider doing this for the players, either as a preorder or separate purchase? Thank you to whoever reads this, fans and devs alike.