View Full Version : Hostage bug!

11-14-2016, 05:08 PM
So as I played the game I started to notice that after I think 3 sesason everytime I pick up the hostage it bugs out to me and I kinda get him but I don't at the same time. What happens is that it shows me that i have him but he stays in same spot and runs around in place as I am moving same with crouching and with this bug I can make the game last very long until everyone is killed because the game thinks that I have the hostage which i kinda have but not and when I got killed it still kept being that way so now I'm scared to try to take the hostage because it will bug again... And it happens ALL the time I try to take him.

11-28-2016, 02:45 AM
I happened to me before, really annoying bug, especially because hostage is my favorite game mode.

I got the hostage (animations were normal, I was equipped with my pistol, announcer confirmed that the hostage was acquired) and ran to the extraction point. Midway there the time limit expired but the game continued because I had the hostage, no big deal.
Then I made it to the extraction point and the game didn't end! The game continued as if I were not with the hostage! I was at the extraction point, the timer had expired but the game continued.
So I ran back to the map, entered the room with the hostage and he was there! So I tried to pick him up several times but nothing happened. I had to hunt for the last enemy operator to end the game, unfortunately I ended up getting killed and the round was over. So frustrating!