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11-05-2016, 03:49 PM
I recently found out about this game and I'm already super excited by it. I've watched many videos on the multiplayer and the single player and I'm happy with the way the game is looking. So why am I posting? Put simply I am concerned that there is no true online mode that encompasses the ideas of the main story mode in that vikings, samurai, and knights are fighting each other and among themselves. So I've invented one based on my knowledge of games and I'm hoping that it will see some form in the final version of this game as I think it would help the creators maintain balance between the 3 factions and keep track of favoritism. So here's the idea with some place holders and interchangeables.

Faction mode

4v4v4 or 3v3v3 ranked without bots and punishes players who quit with temporary faction mode time outs.

players choose their faction and then begin searching for other players until all slots are filled.

you can only choose the heroes from your faction - samurai, viking, knight.

maps will be a combination of TDM and point control that resemble the promotional video of all three factions fighting over the spring of water. at the center of the map there will be a huge open circular arena where minions fight.

As long as a team has 1minion in the circle they'll gain points per second.

killing opponents minions will grant points and killing enemy players will grant even more points.

Every 3 minutes reinforcements will arrive and travel down a path toward the circle. Depending on the map they may arrive on ships or on land or from inside of a keep.

Other than the open center of the map there will also be terrain and monuments that house both advantages and disadvantages.

When a team has pushed all of both enemy teams minions and player out of the circle the enemies will enter breaking until all of the non-breaking teams minions are eliminated completely. so even if your entire team is eliminated your opponents can actually save you.

There will be a point cap/breaking point cap and a time limit to prevent the game from running for too long. i expect the game should run 10 minutes longer than a 4v4.

records will be kept to determine which faction is leading on a grand scale and stats for each individual hero will be kept to help determine if one faction is overpowered or if some kind of niche role isnt being appreciated enough which will help with updates and possible dlc heroes- which im hoping for as free or paid content.

players will have a after game faction mode honor rating that will basically work as a league system to help others identify who's overwhelmingly strong and should be avoided. the idea of running into guan yu (chinese "god of war") or a ruroni kenshin (an anime samurai) on the battlefield should provide a player with some intense feeling of fear or concern so rewards will also be given to those players who do very well in the form of non stat affecting cosmetics as a show of valor and honor.

let me know what you guys think. sorry for getting lazy and not capitalizing/punctuating everything. im not paid enough for that. I'm very excited for this game and even if this exact mode doesnt make it into the final version i hope some form of faction based 3v3v3 or 4v4v4 does. xbox one seems to be struggling with the game already so im a bit concerned about that, but one more player shouldnt break the game even if 4v4v4 is an impossible task.

i also have another idea about a mode that doesnt allow duplicate heroes to be played with a drafting sequence where teams take turns choosing their hero, but i dont know if that fits the theme the game is going for.

11-06-2016, 09:32 AM
When we learned that the game was not faction vs faction (as definately has been implied before) there was quite a discussion and pols. Many players think it diminishes the games style and uniquenes, others think it might be not as "cool" but that the sacrifice is worth the obvious benefits (easier matchmaking etc) and some dont care at all.
I personally would have liked locked factions and the player beeing forced to commit to one. But i can understand the other positions.

---> What i want to express: I am with you in, i also wish for an faction vs faction mode.

But : I have to critizise your vision of how a potential faction mode could look like for two reasons:
1. Firstly because it is 4v4v4. Generally a game with more than two parties has a lot of issues. There might be some working that way and i am happy about an example but i haven't played any. Those who try are essentially just giving a 'fun mode' with a lot of explosions which isn't meant to be really competitive. Too much depends on the momentum (like 3 guys batteling in a deathmatch and then you come, throw a grenade in it and be the winner). Devensive gameplay and teaming up on someone are rational choices if you want to win and that is neither fun to watch, nor to play imo.
2. Secondly because it sounds much too hack'n'slashy for my taste. Having all the action focused on one point with 12 (1) players and minions will make everything turn out to be a great spam-fest, in which fighting skills are not nearly as important as positioning yourself, so that you can isolate and smash someone 3v1 if there is an uneven number of players. Most of the time it will just be everybody spamming heavy and areal attacks.

So i back up your faction vs faction request but the concrete idea doesnt fit my vision of how i hope the game turns out to be.

11-08-2016, 01:56 AM
Faction vs Faction as a topic has been talked to death at this point, and I am pretty much over discussing it at any real length.

However, a three sided mode with a legitimate faction lock has been suggested a few places (here (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1178238-12-Player-Matches?), here (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1464135-Three-faction-PvP-battles?), and here (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1183214-4v4v4-Faction-Brawl-(possible-new-gamemode))), and I think it would be a relatively unique mode which seems tailor-made for the thematic elements being presented. Even if the campaign justifies the mixing of factions, something like this would bring something new to the table in terms of dynamics.

In previous threads, people have suggested it would be unbalanced because one faction would be ganged up on by the other two, but if they did it as a King of the Hill, the moment the one faction is out of the picture, the other two would have to fight each other to cap the point anyway.

Conceptually, I think it would make for an exciting game mode. I don't necessarily think minions would be necessary, though. It could work like point B in Dominion, though, so you're really just trying to clear the two opposing factions' minions, instead of killing players. That would be interesting.