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11-01-2016, 05:11 PM

Update 1.4 introduced some changes to Gear Sets and we want to hear your thoughts on them now that you've had a chance to play around with them.

To get things started, you will find the link to the survey below!


As always, please do not hesitate to provide your thoughts in this thread.


The Division Team

11-01-2016, 06:36 PM
Seems like Tactician and Reclaimer have been nerfed beyond utility by the changes wrought upon skills and the sets themselves.

Where's the true Support Set?

11-01-2016, 06:37 PM
Being a PVE only player I can't answer this survey... there should be an option "no answer" at the PVP related questions.

11-01-2016, 09:07 PM
I feel that the changes made have been an overall improvement, however, it doesn't exempt the growing issues around the under-performing gear sets. To my knowledge being big on PVE, slowly rolling into PvP, and more so seamless PvE/PvP -- not focused on either or, but dealing with w/e comes my way, the line between Creative and Useful need to be close to non-existent.

I have some pretty creative builds. Like an Alpha2/Nomad4 build. Being able to 1-4 man PvE CM. It's a Self Sustaining Tank build which takes on the aggro of as many NPC's as possible, but is far more mobile then that of a Ballistic Shield user. Using TrapperSC/OverdoseFAid, STA, Armor, and FA (in that order of priority), along with a lot of Healing Weapon Talents makes it a very efficient build. Not only can it deal the damage, and keep itself alive, but it can also assist with its support's damage via nerfing the enemies, and acts as a Mobile Road Block. Pretty fun stuff! Though it can also be more utility focusing on electronics than on FA.

But for Reclaimer losing all of its crowd control features, made it a dead set, along with other issues. It used to be a frequently sought for gear set in PvP and PvE, now the set lost its spark. Give the Crowd control back! Also, just remove it vs other players?

Dead EyE, in PvE, is a pretty boring set as well, considering that Hunter's Faith/Strikers/Sentry's Call/Alpha Bridge/Predator's Mark don't smother the NPCs, before your low output of damage reaches them. I have made a pure damage Dead EyE build -- it isn't efficient at all. I could hybridize the set, but then again doing-so, will only lead you to the conclusion -- to use another set instead, to get max potential for such a build. Same thing goes when it comes to being on a squad. Dead EyE is Dead....

Final Measure, took it's final measure this patch. There is no real reason to where the 4 piece. The 2 piece is as good as it gets for this gear set. I would recommend as many others have, to give the four piece the ability to diffuse any set of explosives that land within a specific range, no cool down on amounts, thrown. I mean hell, seeing a final measure build vs a sticky bomb build would be hilarious. causing sticky user to place their stickies differently.

Banshee -- Strictly (DZ) - Not too much enjoyment in other areas. Can't wait for more sets similar to this one. :o

11-01-2016, 10:24 PM
Some of the problems with the sets are partially due to the ability cooldown changes, but since that's not what this survey was about I'll just go for Tactician's Authority which was ruined from every angle.

It currently drops off after 10 seconds of being at full or of not doing damage which ruins any real advantage the set brings (especially to pve). The set cannot be effectively used solo anymore, and has big problems in general due to being based on number of bullets landing rather than damage done. This means slower rof/dmr type weapons essentially cannot be used at all. Soloing makes stacking the set virtually impossible due to the complete drop offs.

There are a couple of suggestions I have regarding ways to change it. My preferred fix would be to go back to the old style of buff while lowering the maximum buff to 30%, changing the gain to 1% per 100k damage and a drop off of 2% per second. This would end up with a permanent buff during combat which I believe is what Massive was trying to prevent, however I'm not convinced a permanent buff is a problem so long as it's not a huge number (like the old 100%).

I do not believe that having the buff stacked by the number of shots landing is the best choice due to how unfair it is regarding rate of fire, group composition and solo requirements. If Massive is dead set on having the buff drop off after having hit maximum then the two changes I would make is a duration of 30 seconds after hitting maximum or changing the buff to 50% skill power increase and the duration at maximum of 20 seconds.

11-02-2016, 03:30 PM
Seems to be a lot more options for builds which is good, but the Armour & Specialized backpack meta isn't helping with that.
I'd drop down to WT3 but then I wouldn't get the 229 gear that I need for my 229 GS builds.
It's the same balancing "chicken in the egg" issue as you had in 1.3 but shifted away from one area onto another.

I get that World Tiers is a great way to level up but the base level of every tier should be a good starting place for development to the next gear score level within the same tier.

So whilst the gear sets in theory provide build diversity, the slightly unbalanced scaling of the tiers means that we're forced to throw away build options in favour of survivabllity and practicality in order to make a build viable. ie it's totally impractical to run with anything less than 350K toughness in WT4. Yet 229 gear sets stop offering optional diversity after 200K toughness, given two pieces specc'd into firearms. So if you want to spec three into firearms, or two firearms, one electronics, two stamina... those options are extremely limited right now given the "balance" of the game. I feel that the game was "balanced" around 5700 stamina / 400K toughness and very little else. That gives little option to invest resources into other parts of a build.

In addition to this, when you finally do release 268 GS pieces, you should initially have them as extremely rare drops so that it gives people time to slowly invest into their builds. NOT as a quick fix solution to a problem created by lack of armour and toughness. You should want to collect 268 pieces because they allow you to specialise and mature your build. So it would be useful if you could add activities that would give us a better chance of dropping gear with particular stats rolled on them. For example if I want gloves with LMG already rolled then I would simply play the daily missions using an LMG and hope for the pair of gloves to drop, and if they do they will have LMG damage already rolled on them so I can re-calibrate another stat of my choice.

11-02-2016, 04:01 PM
Being a PVE only player I can't answer this survey... there should be an option "no answer" at the PVP related questions.

I've just noticed you have the possibility to not select any option!
I did the same with options I could not honestly answer. Just did the same with the weapons survey.

Well, reclaimer goes into the bin for me instantly, as well as tactitian. No real benefit from support roles other than a tank with the shield, and there's Sentry the better option imho.
Reclaimer is too much of a risk for the group. The unlimited water is nice, but when running with special forces directive or against cleaner, not being able to use the energy bar can be deadly. So the risk is too high for me.

As for the question if there is a set supporting my preferred play style. Nope there isn't. I've always played a damage dealing sniper. Also in other RPG games I'm going for glass cannon builds with the possibility for stealth or long distance attacks, namingly asassin type classes. At the moment there is no set supporting such play style. Sentry can be used to some extent, but as a support, not as a glass canon damage dealer anymore. Additionally it is better used as a support tank with the ballistic shield and a pistol. Snipers deal way too little damage to make them a considerable option when damage dealing. You're always better off with an assault rifle or LMG. Also to make use of the 4pcs Talent you need to use a Semi Auto DMR. The Bolt actions are too slow, so the set does not support the use of them. Hunters Faith is also better used as an armor support with an LMG to keep the armor up. Snipers can't keep the armor up like LMGs do, so again not something supporting a glass cannon sniper build. I know it has been a meta now for the longest time, but it was actually the play style I enjoy the most. At the moment nothing really supports snipers. The sets intended to do so work a lot better with other stuff.
I would love one which reduces your threat so you can neglect armor and really go for damage dealing. At the moment you're pretty much forced to roll armor on everything which kills the build diversity a bit.

Final Measure would be really interesting if it wouldn't have such a long cooldown. The way grenades are still spammed it does not really help you at all. It's not really a difference if I have to leave my cower with the first grenade or with the second if there are 5 of them coming within 5 seconds which is the case most of the time.

Except for this, the other sets are good imho and have their place. Eventually a little bit finetuning with some but I defenitely try more different builds now. Firecrest is an interesting one, as it breaks the usual idea of people using different sets to get the best out of the group. It gets really fun if all players use it with the flame turret. For solo players it's not really worth it. But I really enjoy the change with it.

xWTOx SkiLLz
11-02-2016, 04:36 PM
Honestly hate the gear sets all together. I don't even use any of them.

I do like the idea of DarkZone specific sets though like Banshee but honestly stuff that you have on there should be in the game as a whole. Like loosing no xp and stuff when you die should be in the game. I should not need a set for that cause now you do come to the point where you feel forced to use certain stuff in certain activities. And if you are going to do specific loot make it drop in that mode. I shouldn't be getting banshee outside of darkzone as it serves you no purpose outside of Darkzone.

I have messed with DeadEYE thinking it would be fun but with the way critical damage was nerfed the set just really sucks honestly and doesn't really even help. Nor was it even fun to use. Gear sets should be team focused abilities. Like what you did with hunters faith how the armor applies to the whole team is cool. We need more of that stuff.

I don't even need to try reclaimer to know its useless now with the consumables being nerfed. Really at this point I don't even know why consumables are in the game anymore. But again I like how its for the whole team.

Nomad again still seems so pointless it triggers revive when you basically go down. But it charges every 4 min. There still no real use for this set 1 its not even a set for team play its a solo set and 2 with the new medical super receiving the new changes it make nomad useless. Nomad needs to be redesigned from the ground up all new set and new idea.

But yeah some gear sets in my opinion still really suck or were made useless like reclaimer. And also I just don't find any gear fun to use but when you have such powerful abilities locked behind gear sets you do feel forced to use them.

11-02-2016, 04:43 PM
I think that the questions doesn't allow to answer about 2x or 3x bonus.

I feel that the 4x bonus are not that good except maybe for Banshee, Predator mark and alpha bridge.

These days I'm running franken builds :
- 3x hunter faith / 3x sentry : +30% accuracy, +30% headshot damage, +20% optimal range. All these bonus are OK for a SASG12 shotgun
- 3x lonestar / 2x Nomad / Savage gloves : +100% ammo, +8% LMG / shotgun DMG, 14% health on kill, 7%CHC out of cover. A good build for M60 LMG.

These builds seems more efficient than the 4x bonus.

11-02-2016, 11:27 PM
Personally, have always been interested in Striker set. However the 4pc bonus is so weak TBH.
Miss shot? bonus damage stacked is lowered.
Not Shooting? Bonus damage stacked is lowered.

In 1.1-1.3 i had hoped for a non-crit build/Gear set up for players who wishes to play non crit but it was never meant to be. In 1.4 PTS was hoping til the last week for Striker 4pc changes but there was none. Striker is such a weak set... 2pc bonus of 20% stability can be traded for Smart Cover. Close to 20% stability with additional accuracy and damage resilences. Far outweigh the 2pc power. 3 set bonus 10% enemy armor damage is a nice plus( I meant for non min max build where players can get up to 20% from kneepad and mask together, not to mention any player who focus on PvE will roll Destructive talent on their weapon..)

So all in all, Striker 2pc doesnt provide a "real" utility, 3pc power can be gain from other pieces easily and 4pc is... well undependable at least even with the increase of TTBK...

FYI my current gear hunt for my "Best Cookie cutter build" is 4pc Alpha + Specialized talent BP with Savage glove/3x experience kneepad(for caches grind)

Still will keep my Striker hopes up high for the future!

IMO 2 and 3 pc should get some small number buff to provide some incentives?
4pc striker changes IMO should not lose stack when Missing shots BUT still lose stack when not FIRING a shot after 5 SECONDS and lose the ability to fire a critical shot. Oh and of course the stacking limit should be lowered to 60%? or 80%, additive? OR every 20 shot hits grants a stack(5-7.5% multiplicative) , max stack is 5? In the case of using stacks, You lose a stack every 5 second when you do not hit a target.
So Striker players can be a heavy hitter when they gain momentum

11-02-2016, 11:58 PM
Strikers- Takes to long with the new TTK to land marks, you can destroy most things before it gets to a level of usefulness that makes it worth while ot have a 4 piece bonus, especially grouped
Predators Mark- Same thing, targets die so fast now marking them for bleeds really is pointless, then you have issues with it not stacking with seeker mine clusters or people who already bled marked the target.
Alphabridge- pretty balanced, but really generic, good decent middle road set when you cant (or wont) choose another gear set.
Sentry/Hunters faith 3/3 combo= really cool, its just a tad generic since you get no full set bonuses what so ever. Only really sniper build in the game since the 4 peice of the 2 sets really don't make a huge difference anymore to choose just sentry's or hunters faith vs mixing them.

The rest are pretty pointless, offer almost zero benefit to mix and match them up in hybrid builds and really offer nothing anymore that makes them stand out for 4 piece and 2 piece setups imop

Final Measure was fine with the 3 second defuse ability, 15 seconds made it bleh -7 second would have been better....so its pretty pointless

Banshee took away a cool idea in Blind...I wont use banshee, I wont go to the dark zone again...ever..

I'd like to see as a suggestion 5-6th piece bonuses return with gear set specific weapons. Also make those weapons have specialized "teal" attachments that give even greater bonus/mix-match capabilities. Liek a sniper rifle with a specialized thermal scope or an AR with a specialized RPM mag or something but they have to be paired with their correct teal weapon and gear set. They would need to also be PVE only, PVP will just call for them to be nerfed.

11-03-2016, 02:22 AM
My opinion on the various gear sets:

DeadEye - The 2 piece bonus of initial bullet stability is pointless. It's 4 piece bonus goes against every reason why you're using a marksman rifle (headshot damage). Why would anyone trade headshot damage for critical damage chance? I put on 4 pieces to try out the bonus and I went from averaging 150k-220k headshots down to 80k...100% critical chance is not worth it.

Reclaimer - This was a decent set in 1.3, but it has performed so poorly for me in 1.4, that I've cleaned out my stash of all Reclaimer pieces, even god rolled pieces with max armor. Bring back support station healing speed.

Tactician's - Never been worth wearing IMO.

Alpha Bridge - It only really works for ARs, SMGs and LMGs IMO.

Striker's - IMO, Striker's has been nerfed to the point of it not being competitive. Bring back the 20% armor damage, make the 3 piece bonus 20% damage to targets out of cover, and change the 4 piece bonus so that the bonus doesn't decay from not shooting.

Sentry's Call - Needs to go back to being geared towards marksman rifles. As others have suggested, there aren't any gear sets made for snipers, and Sentry's Call 4 piece works well with the headshot bonus on marksman rifles. 2 piece bonus - 20% accuracy. 3 piece bonus - 10% headshot damage. 4 piece bonus - Sentry's Call (but instead of semi-auto only weapons, change this back to marksman rifles ONLY).

Hunter's Faith - 2 piece bonus - 20% optimal range. 3 piece bonus - 10% weapon damage and/or 10% critical hit chance. 4 piece bonus - Hunter's Faith: Critical hit damage is increased 1% per meter from the target; damage cap of 50%. (pretty much get rid of the armor bonus and do crit damage instead).

Predator's Mark - Buff the AR and SMG damage bonus.

Nomad - Keep the 15% health on kill and constant healing. As others have pointed out, Recovery link can be used in place of the 4 piece Nomad bonus, so replace the auto-revive with armor/damage mitigation: Armor is increased per missing health segment: 5% for the first segment, 10% for the second missing segment. (similar to how the Unforgiving weapon talent works).

Final Measure - Nerfed to the point of it being not competitive. I'd suggest keeping the 25% exotic damage resilience, replace protection from elites with 25% resistance to ALL status effects (bleed, blind/deaf, disrupt, shock, burn and disorient), and rework the timer on the 4 piece bonus.

Firecrest - Works fine for me at the moment.

Banshee - The 4 piece bonus needs reworked. 10% damage bonus for rogues needs to go. They've already got the upper hand in 90% of encounters anyway (shooting you in the back and camping checkpoints) and I'd increase the damage bonus for non-rogues to 15-20%.

11-03-2016, 02:39 AM
Being a PVE only player I can't answer this survey... there should be an option "no answer" at the PVP related questions.

I'm a PVE-only player. I answered the survey. The option for "no answer" is to not answer. You can leave them blank.

11-03-2016, 03:51 AM
I feel like Final Measure has been nerfed unnecessarily to 15s. 4s might have been a bit OP, but 15s was just a huge swing in the other direction. It was a set to consider in PvP, what with the potential to combine it with Smart Cover and Robust+Sturdy to prevent from being staggered out of cover or to protect your SC.

There needs to be counter to counter gameplay. Protecting SCs involves pretty much either disrupting the enemy before they disrupt you, or nothing. Cos nothing stops EMP grenades.

11-03-2016, 09:41 AM
too bad the maximum for least fun to play gs is 3. I had 6 down until i tried to finish the survey

11-03-2016, 11:59 AM
Rework the frontline set and bring it out....

11-03-2016, 02:02 PM
overall the 1.4 patch did great in terms of diversity compared to 1.3, so you have a lot of working combinations with matching the differnet sets & Gold Talents from non set gear.

My complain is that most of the 4 pc. set special abilities are somewhat undesireable in a lot of cases or just plain boring.

Reclaimer - great utility for grps as you can boost 30% dmg to elites in close to every ecounter, so it is very usefull and breathtakingly boring at the same time :)

Strikers - the 2 and 3 set bonus are really good, the 4th is err well - with -2% per missed bullet and -1%/sec one wrong burst and the bonus is gone real quick, always fells like i am loosing dps because you have to take care not to miss a bullet, I would rather prefer if you changed the buff to be more alike to the new Tactictian buff, 15% extra dmg max, with 5 Sek on max and then a reset or something :)

Tacticians - didnt had a chance for much group play so far, but the question isnt if the set was nerfed rather which skill is left to make support important atm

Final measure - still very situational so not very desireable in the end :)

personally atm, at least as long solo play is concerned, the only 4pc bonus which is really great is Alpha Bridge, just due to the fact as it opens a lot of possibilities.

So for the future I would like to see 4pc boni which have a greater impact on playstyle, due to buffed or changed skills etc.
Atm you use Alpha Bridge or you mix different sets for 2 or 3 pc bonus combinations, e.g 3 striker and 3 Hunters are much more effectiv as a 4pc striker build in almost all situations.

11-03-2016, 06:23 PM
The game has improved overall and is more fun in PVE, if you start balancing for PK again without taking account PVE the game will be in trouble again.

Make two balance trees to avoid conflicts between PVE and PK, PVE shouldn't suffer cause of changes made for PK.

You'll be annoying both sides with each update, as you try to find middle ground instead of separating them.

Much like the removal of status effects with exotic ammo (burning, stagger) that should have never affected the PVE side of the game (one of many examples).

11-04-2016, 01:11 AM
As a solo player and being an average player, putting gear sets together is coincidental as it's all about what pieces combined give me the best armor score. If coincidentally I have 2 pieces of something equipped I'll try and make a set but usually the benefit does not outweigh maxed armor.

11-05-2016, 01:19 AM
Actually why don't you get an armor Bonus for 4 or more pieces of a set?

11-05-2016, 03:28 PM
Firecrest is now a fun set to play with but it would be nice if having it equipped allowed the player to restock incendiary grenades instead of frags.

I play on console and still find the Strikers bonus too hard to build up.

The biggest thing for me now is an ability to save loadouts, but I know you guys are already working on that.

11-05-2016, 03:50 PM
way to much emphasis has been placed on the completely random drop mechanics. you kill a mob system rolls to see if you get a drop, rolls for drop quality, rolls for item type, then randomly rolls each stat. so you get a bad bunch of rolls on the piece you were looking for go re-calibrate. oh look that only allows you to pick one stat to re-roll and the re-roll is of course completely random and if you need to try again, well the cost increases each time till you can no longer afford to try. you can always wait till you get that piece in another drop and hope it's better, don't hold your breath this is likely to take some time.
how about named bosses drop schematics for high end and set pieces and we can then try to craft what we want instead, that system would still require a large amount of grinding but would give the player a small amount of control over the items he spends time on. oh and deconstructing an item should return 1/2 of the materials required to craft them.

11-05-2016, 04:00 PM
i feel like all players to outdoors there is so much to outside and more players can't help there will you do that gabe and guys ?: there will be much more players outside and more tell players of group and more help and emote for funny i will players view in pve for not kill same as wow

11-05-2016, 04:04 PM
The survey only let me pick three, but in reality, all the gear sets are bad. This however is not directly a problem with the gear set idea. It has more to do with the frame work of the game, which 1.4 has never addressed. The class frame work is to open ended, and roles are not clearly enough assigned in the game, this is compound by the problems BleeckerT is referring to. There are just far to many open ended stats that roll on gear and only one stat everyone pretty much has to hope procs in each slot, and then you have to go reroll the one stat that is off millions of times.

The classes in the game need some serious definition, and thought. The Holy trinity doesn't quite fit in this game, but it needs classes similar to the modern fire team, such as Medic, Grenadier, Rifleman, designated marksman, and so on so forth. Then the game needs mechanics that take advantage of these defined roles, and gear sets should be aligned to compliment which class and roll that you play, or that your team needs from you that day.

This game was never billed as a looter, it was sold as a tactical cover based shooter RPG and it is not. This dichotomy is why the game is such a wreck, aside from not having any real end game content that flows with the RPG part of the game.

11-05-2016, 04:06 PM
Calibrating gear sets should provide the same number of options as calibrating weapons. Some stats have 8-10 options and the RNG is just too great. You can spend a lot of credits and still not get the stat you want.

11-05-2016, 04:44 PM
All the Gear Sets (plus the Armor stat and the Skill Power stat) need more iterations. Right now there is only one BIS option for a person who primarily plays solo or at most duo in World Teir 4:

4x Predator plus 2x anything else, with every possible major stat rolled to Armor.

Nothing else comes even close to this combination for viability. Unless you want to gimp yourself into the bad old pre-1.4 days, you cannot afford to try any other combination unless you playing in a full 4x team.

You've solved the loot drop and progression issues. But you haven't yet solved the challenge of making truly viable build options. At least not at World Tier 4.

11-05-2016, 05:53 PM
As a solo player I have to wonder why the Banshees Shadow was not in the game earlier. It is finally a safeguard for my DZ rank so I don't lose hours of work to an opportunistic gank squad. I would even run without any loot but they would still kill me for the rouge bonus. Now a large reason for me being a solo player is that my friends had given up on the game (Glitches, OP Gank squads w/OP gear sets, ect) however I have been trying to get them back in. The one thing we do agree on is that none of us want to touch the DZ without the Shadow set.

11-05-2016, 07:11 PM
Overall, I would say that for PVE every set is pretty viable for most if not all encounters. When it comes to PVP I can't say much since I avoid the DZ like its the dollar flu lol. I personally run the Reclaimer set because I like to play the support role with water and canned food, but that being said, it would be nice if explosive/incendiary rounds actually did something. Maybe make explosives rounds do bonus armor damage and incendiary rounds apply a bleed dot? All this being said, I will still continue to run the Reclaimer set as I see it to be the best option for support atm.

11-05-2016, 09:14 PM
firecrest should also buff the fire seeker mine and should allow to get fire grenades from any restock box, otherwise i never get to take advantage of the 2 piece anyway. final measure should just make you immune to grenades completely. tactician's taken a real hit... the buff being so much lower and the timer and all. it needs help to maintain utility to anyone outside of a committed 4 man group. banshee should also prevent us from losing keys. literally the only loss should be the public stuff in my yellow pack. strikers is so weak in pvp, cuz a miss is so penalizing. and missing is super common in pvp from rolling around and such. hitting that many consecutive shots is not common enough to be useful. not to mention enemy armor dmg still being irrelevant. hunter's faith is still crap. and the cooldowns on abilities now is a gamechanger. it's a hassle that i can't maintain 100% uptime on some stuff. much of that stuff is predicated on being up all the time. i can understand not wanting sticky w 100% uptime. but stuff, like supportstations should be able to maintain 100% uptime the way turrets can. turrets are amazing now and so much fun in group or solo and maintain utility well with many builds. but things that can't maintain 100% uptime go down several pegs.

11-05-2016, 09:29 PM
Because the survey use too subtil words, i cant answer it. i respon you when you do it as much as local langage we could play in game.

the world langage isnt only the english.

11-05-2016, 10:34 PM
I haven't played a lot of 1.4. It's the fall, and I'm busy with other things. What little I have played, I like it. Banshee's Shadow is nice so that I don't lose my level/dz funds, but it doesn't do much for me beyond that. The bonus DZ funds percentage is so small in the scope of how much items are priced now in the DZ. The prices went up 300% on some items.

Winter Soldier
11-05-2016, 11:15 PM
I feel like 1.4 definitely brought the radical variance in balance of most sets in line. In 1.3 there were maybe 2 good sets and everything else was dumpster. However I feel like in the future I'd like to see more gear sets that change play styles as compared to just buffing our numbers in different ways (i.e Sentrys, and Strikers). I personally love sets like Firecrest and Predators mark, sure they both in the end are different ways of amplifying damage, but causing me to have more effects on the targets is a really gratifying feeling.

However I would like to point one thing that's bothered me about sets like Firecrest and Reclaimer; and that's their use of the special grenade types and ammo. I love sets that use these modifiers cause they actually make "Division Tech" seem like something other than just a really good gun, that hurts... like A LOT! But it really sucks playing a few missions as Firecrest and then having to scrounge the Dark Zone, or the open world to fill up my Incendiary grenades or bullets. I totally respect not giving them out in the half chests that you come across towards the end of a mission. But the big refill chests at Safe houses or the BoO? Come on. It just wastes my time and impedes me from using an awesome set.

EDIT: ALSO I almost never post on any game forum, so you know how much I love The Division if I went through the hassle of searching this forum out specifically to make this point XD

11-06-2016, 02:45 AM
Final Measure 4 set disables a players seeker mine sometimes when they use it even if their the one who used the skill. My friend runs 4 piece FM and every so often his own seeker mine gets diffused. Tacticians is mostly bad now. Fire Crest has only situational usefulness and if your fighting against cleaners its useless maybe the 4 set bonus could be applied to whole team?

11-06-2016, 06:41 AM
Tactician's Authority and FireCrest are in a poor spot. I've heard people say that FireCrest is "fun," but honestly, you're gimping yourself by trying to build yourself around incendiary damage. Not only is the damage boost against burning targets extremely paltry at a mere 15%, but incendiary grenades are both hard to come by and tactically of little value (~3 seconds of AoE CC). I can't speak for flame turrets, but I've always understood turrets in general to be extremely poor for damage. You're far better off using Striker / AlphaBridge if you actually want to kill efficiently, which is the name of the game in 1.4.

11-06-2016, 09:16 AM
First and foremost, I'm a predominantly solo player that focuses on PvE. PvP has absolutely zero allure to me, and hasn't for years. As a result, this obviously impacts my opinions on things.

Banshee is a genuine godsend and has enabled me to really enjoy the Dark Zone now that I don't risk losing 5kXP on death after making a paltry 2k XP. I wasn't buying that much stuff from DZ vendors, but not only do I make more money, I also don't lose any either provided I'm wearing four pieces of Banshee kit. This alone brought me back to the DZ and enabled me to enjoy it far, far more than I ever have possibly since the second beta.

AlphaBridge is hilarious fun and always gets me giggling as my Hungry Hog chugs away, and getting the perfect combo guns that benefit how I play was really rewarding.

I've not put enough time in Striker, Sentry, Deadeye, or Hunter's Faith so really have a solid opinion though I hear good things, especially about Striker's stability and the crit on center mass shot from Deadeye. I plan to make a loadout for them, eventually. When I can tear myself away from an AB'ed Hog.

The reduction to health on kill via Nomad is kind of a bummer, and one I really don't see much reasoning for. Though I suppose with the lower TTK on enemies, you're getting health back quicker to make up for the reduction. I've not played around with it enough to really determine if it's a big deal.

On to the slightly less enthusiastic:

Firecrest is amazing fun, although it suffers from the simple fact the AI is far, far less hindered by status effects than the player is. The AI can run, heal, shoot, and climb while on fire. The player cannot. The AI extinguishes themselves twice as fast as the player does. This really hampers an airburst seeker or flame turret or flame grenade's effectiveness. Especially grenades. The inability to cook them to have them detonate right where you want (as we see all AI factions do with uncanny consistency) means each one is essentially a luck throw. Will that guy I suppressed magically scamper away as my grenade lands close enough to them to be effective? Probably. So for the player to have extra incendiary grenades is a nice gesture, I feel the two piece bonus could be put to better effect. Possibly turret health? Something to do with the seeker mine? Three piece could remain as it is, and four piece... why not make it a huge boost to fire resist? So you can wade in to the inferno you're creating and bust some heads? 15% damage to targets on fire is kinda ho hum and often trumped by other talents and skills used in conjunction with a support build, especially revolving around the turret. Like the skill combo of suppressing a target enabling you to run faster and dole out more headshot damage to them. Turret keeps everyone else busy while you Rambo rush that fool and it feels wonderful.

In a similar vein, the bleed effect from Predator does not hinder the AI whatsoever. The player bleeds? They're incredibly exposed and need to rectify that problem immediately. AI could care less. Bleeding out? Haha who cares I'm going to sprint a good fifty meters and barf half a dozen grenades in three seconds.

Both of these problems could be addressed by making the AI weaker when undergoing a status effect. I was pretty disappointed once I got my Predator's Mark build up and running. Zap someone ten times and they trickle a little health for a little bit and... that's it? :\ I could be doing more damage faster with any of my other builds. Although I do like how your weapon has a hit indicator telling you how many more rounds you need to land on target to proc the effect, that is a really nice touch and honestly looks neat.

The big point however is there is incentive to try new things. Back in 1.3, I was just screwing around with a mish-mash of gear. Rarely did I go for a full four piece. 1.4 has not only changed the gear I used for the better, but also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, and that is something I feel is absolutely essential for any video game, and I'm so glad Massive has realized and embraced this concept. My stash is overflowing with gear I'm socking away, thinking "Oooh, this might be good!" or "I've not seen this one yet!". Such a huge improvement overall.

11-06-2016, 01:44 PM
Even though i like what has been done over all i now feel less likley to play the game as set i used for my healing build was nerfed into the ground and is no longer usable to fill the role off healing so i am now left with either playing as it is or changing the entire way i play the game and i dont have time to farm all the other gear sets to try and find one that may fit also the reset timer with the skills also did not help healers at all and i dont understand why that change was even made other than to stop never ending fights in the darkzone

11-06-2016, 02:03 PM
So the division is better now, because of 1.4. Right? Well for one I think that the Banshee gear set needs a bit more of Dark Zone attributes like the running faster. I understand that it would be unfair, but replace it with not loosing any XP(experience). I get that it would be used well for those who farm, but what about those who want to kill the rouges. I hate it when I loose the xp, but there needs to be an attribute that will let me have a good chance to kill the rouges without being melted by myself. Also, when does 1.5 come out, because I think that will be great. I really love PvP, because it's fun. That's all!:D

11-06-2016, 09:37 PM
The survey only let me pick three, but in reality, all the gear sets are bad. This however is not directly a problem with the gear set idea. It has more to do with the frame work of the game, which 1.4 has never addressed. The class frame work is to open ended, and roles are not clearly enough assigned in the game, this is compound by the problems BleeckerT is referring to. There are just far to many open ended stats that roll on gear and only one stat everyone pretty much has to hope procs in each slot, and then you have to go reroll the one stat that is off millions of times.

The classes in the game need some serious definition, and thought. The Holy trinity doesn't quite fit in this game, but it needs classes similar to the modern fire team, such as Medic, Grenadier, Rifleman, designated marksman, and so on so forth. Then the game needs mechanics that take advantage of these defined roles, and gear sets should be aligned to compliment which class and roll that you play, or that your team needs from you that day.

This game was never billed as a looter, it was sold as a tactical cover based shooter RPG and it is not. This dichotomy is why the game is such a wreck, aside from not having any real end game content that flows with the RPG part of the game.

100% with Tavi02 in this.

From the role-playing perspective, 1.4 was definitely a step in the right direction and I am very glad that the focus of this game's additions/content was shifted (even if it proves to only be temporary) in re-balancing the underlying game mechanics. It was sorely needed and very well done I might add.

That being said, it's not the leap into RPG territory that is needed IMO. As a long-time gamer and MMO player, looking back at things like Everquest and WoW and the like, I believe their success came from the ability of people to craft certain classes of characters that fit specific roles needed in balancing gameplay. As Tavi02 has mentioned, the gear sets don't satisfy this strongly enough. It is still incumbent on people to spec everything (sans mask) into armor via Major Attributes as it's the only plausible way to better survive a fight. It's also incumbent on people to spec for damage. The nerfs done to both Reclaimer and Tactician's Authority have undermined the ability for someone to effectively play a healer/cleric type of support class. And while the Ballistic Shield has received it's well-deserved attention with increased health, resilience, and (finally!) threat generation, making someone a more effective tank, it doesn't provide enough in the way of armor to *really* make a tank truly a tank, not in my opinion at least, and this is coming from someone who's been a Division Tank since just after release.

I think the point here I'm trying to get to and the one Tavi02 is asserting is that the gear sets alone can't fulfill the truly custom applications that would come from specific classes (damage, healer, tank in very basic terms) - If there was another way to do this, perhaps through a Class Specialization tree, it could better flesh out certain advantages a particular class could have to really flesh out more of the RPG role in this (for example, someone spec'ing for Tank thru a tree of some kind could get an automatic 5 or 10% extra armor, and/or threat increase, and/or overall damage resistance or stamina boost). I've thought a lot about it and I think it's what's needed in this game. If everything is gear-set centric, then there's no real need for four character slots. Really, there isn't at this point. Most people won't build past 1 or 2 and that is likely due to the fact that they don't want to have one guy carrying several sets they have to re-paint on their guy. But, if a tweak were made to the foundation of the game for RPG purposes, then multiple characters would be viable. Imagine the chat in the UG:

"3phase CH group needs a healer"
"Tank LF CH group"

Each person's custom-built tank/dps/healer etc character would be more desirable and would bring that feeling of uniqueness into the game that I believe is sorely missing.

That's my .02 at least.


11-06-2016, 09:58 PM
I feel most of the sets are better than they were and i think its good that we are now in a place where you have to commit to a strength. i.e. you give up skill for firearms and vise versa. The idea that you can basically complete objectives without being focused on builds or skills is nice for allowing you to "play" with new builds. However, I still think the price paid for that freedom is a watered down sense of challenge.

Having said that, I think final measure is in a good place. People complain that the timer is too long but the timer makes the potential for death higher and thats more interesting. The change to hunter's faith was simple, logical, and has saved the set.

I do agree with what many have said about the tach set in that it was just changed to such an extent that getting a a benefit is just too complicated. A simpler adjustment could have been made to tame its effectiveness without creating a complicated mess out of it. Additionally, even though the skill power cap was removed the diminishing return on skill power progressively works to counter the value of the tach bonus. The set would already have been put in check by diminishing returns but then also got a significant nerf. So if i build for skill power to lets say 140k the best I'm going to get assuming all the stars are aligned and my team can land its bullets is roughly 43k more but at that point the diminishing return will make the actual gains likely less than 1/2 that effectively. Its like eating a steak dinner then jumping through shrinking rings of fire to have a chocolate chip....who would bother?

I wouldn't go as far as to say reclaimer is useless as 20% damage to elites and 30% skill haste are very strong in the current version of the game. However, with the game getting easier, buffs like that are just not something people feel an urgent need for. If you can drop 2-3 mobs in a single clip you're not likely to want to give up anything for that extra damage and with skills like turrets taking over the skill haste option isn't as valued either. Basically the game has become easy enough to not require a support build in any group for any reason. So no one is running one.

11-06-2016, 10:53 PM
Oh, and while I am on the subject of threat generation, there seems to be a bug with it concerning a person on the group initiating first aggro on a group of otherwise non-aggro'd NPCs: They absolutely WILL NOT get off of the first shooter no matter what I as a shielded, mega aggro tank do. Nothing works. They won't get off and switch to me as their target until either they die or the first shooter dies.


11-07-2016, 12:44 AM
Firecrest: talents need his damage increased by 10% to a total of 25% and fire duration increased by 2sec or more since when shooting on enemies fire stop his effect the enemies can move , heal , go to cover.
Reclaimer : need fire ammo and explosive back since now they do the same thing NOTHING they don't burn they don't stagger.
Nomad : Increase Nomad's resolve health a little since you don't see difference
Hunter's Faith : Talent need a timed protections
DeadEye : Remove initial bullet stability and set something else.

that all i got for gear sets some weapon need some adjustement.

The Showstopper : increase his damage on PvE the rest is good
Centurion : Increase his damage
Liberator : Add a 229 blueprint
Valkyria : Add a 229 Blueprint
Damascus : Add a 229 version by blueprints or a random drop
Defiler : same as Damascus
Military P416 : Add a blueprint
EMT 416 : Create a 229 weapon and add him as a random drop , rewards and sold by vendor
JTF 416 : Same as EMT 416
Hazmat 416 : Same as JTF 416 and EMT416

All named weapon need unique stats ( DMG is always the same at each drop etc...) because is very long to farm them with bad stats and when a update coming to farm again due to gear score changed or increased.

11-07-2016, 02:38 PM
We need to be able to catch rogues more easily, and I miss the Banshee movement speed massively. Reducing rogues movement speed isn't the way to go but right now it seems only predator does this job. Can we get a set to do this in some way? Reclaimer perhaps to bring this back into the meta a bit.

11-07-2016, 03:38 PM
I agree with most of the previous comments and concerns but would like to add that it would be a great addition to be able to RESET a re-calibrated gear piece for say 100k so it could be utilized after your update balancing. My other concern is the way the STABILITY and ACCURACY was nerfed in the 1.4, makes it very hard to judge weapons or even the gear sets when you have a hard time hitting anything with many of the weapons.