View Full Version : Feedback from the closed Alpha

10-07-2016, 02:10 PM
Hey, so I'm a bit behind on the feedback from the closed alpha. But I thought that the game for what it was at that time was amazing, usually when I stream games on the Xbox one they lag and sometimes so bad my stream ends, but while streaming for honor it held up and didn't lag while playing online and it didn't even lag when I was streaming and watching another person stream too. The controls at first were a little bit awkward to get used to, it may just be me. But after learning how to block and attack effectively the game is really fun. I feel like the tutorial should have been slightly harder...well quite a bit harder. I know it's a tutorial so it shouldn't be too hard but the damage the soldiers do to you, and I mean the small soldiers is nowhere near what they'd do off the tutorial. But overall I think it was a solid closed alpha, for me personally I didn't have many problems with it, as far as I'm aware I didn't run into any bugs, the looks of the game were also good for the stage the game was currently in.