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10-01-2016, 11:08 PM
Ive played the alpha when it released and i have to say ubisoft GG

game play was pretty fun and amazing all characters classes were definitely balanced and have they're own minor perspective feels that make them unique amongst each other

the Orochi was very fast in terms of attack and was really capable when it came down to attack interruptions.

Berserkers were no joke in terms of attack stunning either when getting hit by these guys its pretty complex to get out of the stuns.

Raiders were the juggernaut hulking behemoth that was to be expected with his mighty axe dealing heavy damage on contact.

Conqueror had amazing survivability in game when when it comes down to being tough and taking hits they really had no issue defense for them was very balanced to me for a character that wields a shield and seems pretty fun.

Wardens and Kensei kinda felt similar when it comes down to balance characters both have range one had plenty of stamina when it comes to the chase.

One thing that i think might be holding the game back a bit though might be that its a pretty slow grind when it comes to unlocking the hero's final ability granted you need to defeat a lot of hero's on the field so i think it would be great if there was an alternative mode that allows the use of all abilities.

looking forward to this game growing and as well as grow adding new hero's looking forward to a pirate faction and a gladiator faction