View Full Version : Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound problems

09-23-2016, 10:42 AM
Okay so I got a Sound Blaster X7 that uses Dolby Digital surround sound, and I though Cool better audio might help in games i bought it and was some what happy with it. But, I noticed that in the middle it light up and and said Dolby Digital when plugged in my Xbox 360 and Xbox one. Then I started testing games on my Xbox one and Pc; when plugged in my console the game sounded way more true to life and fuller. When plugged in the PC, it sounded more muffled and all the setting didn't work properly. So i went around asking people questions even going to YouTube videos and asking. Only to land on a video called "Unlock Dolby Digital Live (and DTS Interactive)" by SpoonHandle. the video basically explains that you have to use a optical cable and your motherboard / sound card must support Dolby Digital. Unless your Motherboard uses "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver" then you can download a hacked driver that will support it. I followed the steps and got it set up, only problem... Rainbow 6 siege does not support Windows Test Mode. Witch Is something you need to enabled for the hacked audio driver to be working, the only way around this is to buy a sound card that supports Dolby. Ubi can you please fined it in your heart and make support for windows test mode so I son't have to go out and spend more money than I already have on the X7. PLEASE!