View Full Version : THE DIVISION IS NOT PLAYABLE !!!! No Enemies No opened the Doors or Missions !!!

07-18-2016, 07:12 AM
Dear Team, I have the game several times and reinstalled before to start all avatars deleted again. Until then, everything is normal. Now newly installed game occur many problems, which play a impossible. I try all enumerate individually.

1. There is no enemy / enemies in the game. (I am absolutely alone throughout Manhattan in all regions !!)
2. I can not build a base of operations. (If I (reach the target mark of the base of operations at the post office), everything is empty. No fight, no option!)
3. The doors will not open. (When I try different Safehouses to enter, although the symbol appears to open the door, but this does not open.

I therefore enter any premises or checkpoints or Safehouses and can begin or conclude no emissions. I am completely alone in all of Manhattan !!!!

4. An agent occurs to me / my team, but it is not visible when I stand next to him. So I do not see him and he did not even me!
5. toolboxes can be opened, but no content. Also in the inventory no new tool is displayed.
6. I can not disassemble my weapons in the inventory. (When I go into your inventory and dismantle an old hand gun wants to obtain weapons part, informed me that contaminated objects found no parts. But this must be only in the Dark Zone. But these objects are not contaminated !!
Moreover, they are still NOT !! decomposed, and it can be repeated as often as the same object, because it has not been dismantled.
7. The pulse generator has a cooldown time of about 3 seconds and is every 3 seconds new applications. Whether it marks enemies, can not say, because there are no enemies and no looters, not LMB, No Cleaners, No soldier / JTF no allies and no needy who ask for water.

There is nothing, know when the game would be incomplete. One can only walk around, but be able to enter without spaces or start missions, because everything remains closed.

I started with a new avatar for the deletion of all Avatars. My PC reinstalled with Win 7 Pro x64 to the completely free of possible Beeinträtigungen game indemnify the part of my PCs. Have now unfortunately the game for 3 times installed and fully downloaded the updates.
The performance of the game runs smoothly with the internal settings to "High".
However, on a perspective of about 50 meters, the visible playing area constantly constructed and re-presented. This was not previously the case.
The game is therefore working all the time on to build the visible field about 50 meters.

My PC would meet the requirements, because before reinstalling it ran smoothly.
My components are: WIN 7 Pro x64, i5-3570K CPU @ 3,40GHz, 16 GB RAM (1600MHz (2x8GB)), Geforce GTX 660Ti Phantom (2 GB), (4 GB total video memory)

I hope that I could list all the errors in the game, which can be seen under these circumstances. So it's not playable !!! And these enumerated problems have been around for more than 4 days without change. Also in the forums, nothing is mentioned about it. It is certainly a programming error by the developer UbisoftMassive. These errors must be dealt with urgently, so that the game can be played at least !!!
Best regards