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07-07-2016, 03:20 PM
So i am just your normal solo player, i play with others given time. I have played several other MMORPGs and went into the game knowing I wouldn’t get high end instantly but if I played right it wouldn’t take too long to get either.

I currently have a build that is 2 Final Measure and 4 Firecrest, this gives me a GS of 252 and 260DPS and 460 Toughness (with the 75% armor cap). My goal for this build is to get 3 FM and 3 FC, this should level out my toughness at around 500.

Getting to here I set some goals for myself. First and foremost I focused on getting a built that was very centered around solo playability, ie getting my toughness and armor up while not forgetting DPS. Also I looked for ways on how to get those items as fast as possible.

This meant forget about doing certain builds (they will come when I “grow” up). My first set was the nomad’s gear which served its purpose in solo since you get free health per kill and can run longer without restock on medkits and made me less reliable on healskills. Also I specced in DPS where it was possible.

I used 4 pieces of the above mentioned and added on Sentry two piece to get the headshot bonus, this is until UG expansion.
Regarding weapons I used SMGs and Sniper rifles (big surprise eh…).

On to the underground which really changed it for me in a big way, all of the sudden im getting free really good gear! (hello UG caches). So seeing as I had 2 pieces of FM gear already from the Darkzone I have opted to go with 2 FM and 4 FC pieces, however as I stated previously I want 3 FM and 3 FC, this is to get the extra 15% protection from elites and to have quick reload speeds and have a higher DPS output over a long period.

My next step is to get the 268 reclaimer and tacticians gear, and this is going to take its time, but for now im almost set.

My top tips for new players looking to gear up are:
- Get level 30 as soon as you can
- Don’t forget the side missions you need them to get intel for missions if you want to do that
- Good gear score means nothing when solo, the right gear stats means everything
- Good gear score means everything when in a group, you don’t want to get kicked out because bad gear score but really good gear
- Don’t fear the Dark Zone, but remember better flee than die and standing your ground isn’t always the best option.
- It will take time, you won’t be a world-beater in a week!
- The drop gods most likely hate you, but don’t worry you will get good stuff eventually
- Complaining about the game won’t help, if you don’t like it, don’t play it
- Play to the game mechanics, use them to your advantage (don’t glitch or cheat).

07-07-2016, 04:38 PM
Nope. I paid good money for the game, and I'm going to continue to complain until they start listening, because this game has potential, but will die if they don't change things.

I have 325 hours into this game so far, and my best two builds from 30+ re-calibrated pieces either make:
1. An ok build for hard missions and 160 DZ (up to DZ04 only) with almost no mitigation. 155/235/7 with two 182 weapons.
2. An incredibly weak build of 154/255/16 with two FM and the same weapons, only suitable for hard missions and getting massacred in the DZ because it drops me into 201+ because my GS becomes 200.27.

How much more time am I supposed to put into this game just to get decent gear I need to actually play the content available? 500 hours? 800? I'm married, and have a full time job, so no.

This game has incredible potential, but the developers are showing a serious lack of creativity (or just trying to make money with as little effort as possible), and are probably going to kill the game by making the grinding for loot the ultimate goal, rather than adding unique and creative PLAYABLE content in which to use the loot you get.

Sorry, but I'm going to keep complaining, and the game would be better off if more players did.