View Full Version : What trials of the blood dragon should have been in my opinion

06-15-2016, 08:29 AM
It's no surprise that the trials community as a whole has well.,,, lets just say isn't to happy that trials of the blood dragon is very different and lacking key trials features, most people were hoping for a trials proper game and while it wasn't realistic to expect the announcement of the next official trials game, it is quite confusing to me that redlynx didn't do something similar to the awesome level max dlc, especially since it was i think a huge hit with people when it was announced.

I think trials of the blood dragon could have been awesome if it had been a new dlc for fusion they could have kept a lot of it the same just have that stuff as secret challenges like the off bike platforming, but honestly that new bike is terrible why not have the ability to use the fusion bikes imagine if the new bike was a dragon you could fly around with similar, in summary this is what i think trials of the blood dragon should have been.

Trials of the blood dragon dlc

- new bike the blood dragon
- 15 new tracks
- 45 new track challenges
- 5 new skill games
- trials story mode
- new player outfits

06-22-2016, 09:04 PM
It would have honestly been cool, but not being stand alone would have limited sales due to the requirement of needing Fusion and not being a new game per se. I personally believe, that Trials of the Blood Dragon wouldn't have been financially viable any other way. This is just my hunch and not based on any inside knowledge.