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05-18-2016, 11:10 AM
I will totally buy it.

In this year game will be finally complete and finally will get rid of most of bad reviews, so another faction (like swamp sanctuary) will be good thank for those who preorder the game or just as 3rd DLC.

P.S. I love game very much, i fight every hater i my way, but half of a year after release and having so much to fix, is little bit unfair to fans.

05-18-2016, 03:40 PM
Sanctuary to come with cool ice units, my wish! ;)

06-06-2016, 08:20 PM
I really like this idea, as no other faction I can think of would fit the swamp theme better.

Thoughts on what the lineup would be like?

HoMM3 Fortress:

Gnoll - Stronghold's got this one, so probably not happening.
Lizardmen - Actually fits very well with the Naga faction visually. Could be an experement of the Wizards or the 3rd caste of Naga spoken of in HoMM6.
Serpent Fly - I'd welcome these guys back in the lineup personally
Basilisk - Also a Stronghold unit now
Gorgon - Would be a cool Sanctuary unit, but would require some lore fanangling
Wyvern - Stronghold again
Hydra - Dungeon critter now.

MMH6 Sanctuary:

Shark Guard - Usable, but I never really liked these guys personally. Doesn't really fit the swamp theme anyway
Coral Priestess - The model is currently being used for the Dungeon's Medusa. If the Medusa were to get a new model (preferably with a bow, please!), these would be easily doable
Kappa - Already in the game as a neutral. My feelings toward these guys are about the same as the Shark Guard. That said they're basically frogs, which tend to reside in swamps, so they would make sense to include, though I'd prefer most anything else really.
Spring Spirit - While I don't have anything against the unit, I'm not sure there are many "Springs" in the swamp.
Snow Maiden - Between Lizardmen and Coral Priestesses adding another shooter could possibly be excessive.
Kenshi - Should be kept for sure, one of their coolest units in my opinion
Kirin - Not sure this would fit into a swamp themed Sanctuary, but it's an option I suppose.

So to me the lineup would be something like:


- Lizardmen
- Serpent Fly
- ?


- Coral Priestess
- Gorgon
- Kenshi


- ?
- ?

I admit that I'm not really sure what kind of Champion creatures this kind of Sanctuary would sport. Hydras are already part of the Dungeon, but their bio says there are many different kinds, so it's possible. The problem with it is making them distinct enough from each other both visually and mechanically. Kirin, as I mentioned before, don't really fit very well into the swamp theme in my opinion, but I guess it could be done. Other options? Perhaps a giant plant creature, and/or possibly move the Gorgon up a tier and replace them with something else.

If we were to move the Gorgon up, I'd like to see the Wyvern return to the "swamp" faction, and give the Stronghold the Roc, as that makes more sense thematically anyway in my opinion.

06-07-2016, 02:10 PM
Fan sanctuary lineups :cool:


06-07-2016, 06:59 PM
Fan sanctuary lineups


I need to spend more time on that site apparently.

06-28-2016, 06:54 PM
A hybrid H3 Fortress/H6 Sanctuary could be more of a Oceanic theme, kind of like how for the feel of Final Fantasy X they took inspiration from oriental islands (such as Okinawa). Maybe a Oceanic Shallows motif, as there are plenty of marshes along coastlines.

My ideal Sanctuary roster:
Coral Priestesses - Shooter. Nagas are the main race of the faction, and nearly every roster has 3 racial units and 3 creature units.
Shark Guard - Melee Debuff/Tank. It wasn't their tankiness that made these guys good; it was the debuff to their target's movement speed.
Dragon Fly - Melee Flyer/Debuff. Fast and strips enemies of their beneficial spells.
Kenshi - Melee Tank/DPS. Another racial unit, but these guys were awesome.
Lizardmen - Shooter. Definitely fits the Oceanic Marshes theme.
Siren - Sabateur. No retaliate, while upgrade's Siren Song prevents adjacent units from attacking Siren.
Kirin - Buffer/Sabateur. Their trail ability made them one of the most interesting champion units from H6.
Oni - Tank/DPS. Slow but powerful attacker with Melee Area Attack.