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05-12-2016, 11:51 AM
Our team have completed Challenging mode already on second week (most likely we could do it already on the first week of 1.1 patch but we were focused on other things at that time). The first run we completed doing trench/pit version but we did not find that satisfying and it was a little bit tedious/slow.
Here is our guide we use now. No matter what gear score you have, the main thing you have to focus on is getting at least one person with 4 tactician pieces (that's the core of surviving and getting large damage boost).
This is not the fastest way to complete but it is one of the safest ways to do challenging. If you want to try this, I suggest try 2-3 times on hard to be more familiar with waves and positioning so you know how far you can move outside of that spot.

Team Setup:
1) Tactician – Skills: Pulse/Smart Cover. Talents: Triage or Tech support (or both) are must have because those will help extend timer or reduce cooldown (especially if you do not have a person with tactician set yet, it will help to keep skills up all the time). With tactician set and 30k+ skill power you really don't need those talents but it helps a lot).
Tacticians main role is to not die and keep smart cover up at all times and time the pulse at every waves start. Also, use pulse whenever you feel it is needed to be refreshed on enemies but keep in mind for it to be ready to use on waves start. It really helps if you know what and from where enemies are coming.
2) Support DPS – Skills: Support Station – Immunizer/First Aid – Overdose. Talents: Triage and Tech support are must have. DPS support role is to keep Immunizer up on all waves with Drones, Shotgunners and Bomb throwers. To keep that up and reduce cooldowns, everytime you can, throw first aid heal to your teammates. Triage talent will help to reduce cooldown a lot and that way you will be able to keep immunizer almost always up. Support DPS have to be a little bit beefy (HP at closer to 80k and at least 60% damage mitigation. You should be able to take at least one hit from shotgunner.
3) DPS – The rest two members are all out dps. Take whatever weapons/gear gives you the best damage output. For now it is 4 sentry set but that set is not mandatory to complete incursion. One of them have to use Flashbang skill to flashbang drones or whatever is rushing too close to team positions. Also, one of them should take support station – immunizer just in case Support DPS immunizer bugs out or there are any other problems. The rest skill setup is not really important but I suggest First Aid or any other heal option.

Overall team setup goes on left side under stairs. The main reason to go there is to avoid APC missiles. Everyone sits there in one line behind cover (from left side team sits in this order – Support DPS, Tactician, and on the most right both DPS). You can move around under stairs or go out if situation allows it and you have to kill someone who is out of sight but you should be aware that if you move a little bit too far to sides APC can hit the ground and not the stairs. If that happens, everyone must run out of missiles hit area.
But enough with text, here are two videos to show that from Tactician point of view and from Support DPS point of view because those two roles are essential to stay alive:

Tactician PoV:


Support DPS PoV:


A few things to consider: Watch Support DPS video and see where I throw Immunizer. It is the best spot to throw it because there it won't be destroyed.
Also, we do most of the times one man run to plant bomb. Either we switch one turret off and use survival link to run or we throw support station behind APC and wait for turrets to focus on it to plant the bomb. When someone runs to plant bomb it helps for 2x guys to run and deal with snipers that come from corners. One stays at Generators other one runs past them to far right upper corner.
Focus after wave 10 for main DPS guys should go to your back side since a lot of heavy`s and Generals with shotguns come from there and they will be your main issue (Except shotguners they are always priority nr1)
If there are some questions about some parts you don 't understand is happening in videos or can't understand how we do something I will try to explain in more details. Feel free to ask.