View Full Version : Community Recommended by PL Squrd - May 12, 2016

05-10-2016, 02:03 PM
This week we've got old school community member and Trials rapper PL Squrd picking out 10 great tracks for everyone to play. As usual let's hear about these tracks direct from Mr. Squrd.

Outcast Society by Moonfish73
Difficulty: Hard
A great all-wooden track that isn't overly hard for being a "hard" track.

Asylum by KaliniuS
Difficulty: Hard
I know this one is a bit old, but this guy really made some great tracks, and this is one of my favorites from him that I wanted to share.

Manic Machinery by Fruity Gudness
Difficulty: Medium
I've always been a sucker for a track with a bunch of moving parts.

Orellon II by Mr PenoPounder
Difficulty: Extreme
A very cool underground/cave atmosphere with a fun line to run.

Back to the 70s by Moonfish73
Difficulty: Extreme
A great uphill battle extreme track at sunset.

Mãnchüpila [O] by ouuf7
Difficulty: Hard
It's one of those cool "mystical" rainforest type of levels.

misty times by hatcutlet
Difficulty: Medium
A nice flowing speedrun track.

Temple Blues by ConfusedMuscles,
Difficulty: Medium
Because this guy is just such a great builder and I wanted to put one of his tracks in the mix.

Meadow Runby VEGAS TRASH
Difficulty: Hard
I have just always been a fan of this track builder.

Wack Castle by AGENT H3X
Difficulty: Extreme
I had to throw one in the for the "hardcore" extreme riders. And hey, even if you can't pass the track, it's still awesome to watch the top riders replay.

And as for the theme of my track drop, I'd have to say it was a "something for everyone" vibe. Everything from mediums to extremes, sunny days to dark caves, rainforests to mecahnical factories. I even threw in an old school track that shouldn't be fogotten with all of these new ones coming out today. Just because they are old doesn't mean that they aren't good and don't deserve a chance to shine in the "Community Recommended" section.