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05-04-2016, 01:34 PM

This week Nova Dark Storm is offering up a gorgeous ten track drop he has dubbed Environmental Bliss. But enough from me, let's here about these tracks straight from the man himself.

Breeze of Freedom [K8] by KALzzone8

With 3 different environments to ride with, pick your favourite to ensure you are comfortable riding on this easy track.

Spotlight by Core2Tom

Pretty hot in the spotlight with this track, Core2TOM has worked hard on this track and the coding to go with it must of took some time. Animations, great line and eggs? Yes it has it all! Play and enjoy this beautiful masterpiece.

Midian's Gate by Ozy Be

Ever wanted to play a track with replay value? Look no more as Ozy be has just that! This hard to hit line has a beautiful backing that you could sit back and relax to. If you don't stick around long enough, you might just miss something.

EF - Rocket Science by Euphoric Fusion

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to be a great rider, you know! Watch as some great animation takes place on this track. Euphoric makes himself look like an artist.

Afterglow by ConfusedMuscles

This track is ever so calming and has a line that follows suit in my eyes, ride along the rocky road with little backings of the birds chirping and water trickling down, it sure is a keeper.

"Indus" by THDTE

Feeling hot? It just got hotter as lava was just in when this track got released. THDTE makes some beautiful lines and has some custom objects that bring his track come to life. No really! Please don't disturb the cat.

"Nocturnal" by lx PURE EVIL xl

Custom objects are a fine trait to have, Pure Evil has just tuned them pieces just right to fit this occasion. Watch out for them devilish creatures, and get away while you can!

No city for old men.. by ZOMBIECHOW17

This OTHG member has only made one track, but let that not bother you for one moment, cause this geezer knows what it takes to make a line and custom objects, don't just sit there! Get looking and riding!

BCC5: Kyrat by AM0RPHOUS

I've seen some tracks with beautiful rock formations and great lines put in but AM0RPHOUS tops this category for sure with his water splashing effects and atmospheric look, that sun glare is just to die for... I mean ride for!

397 Taken by RaketeAal397

Ever seen subtle animation that can just bring that track to life? RaketeAal397 sure knows how to do that and has a line that is tough to hit.