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04-28-2016, 12:43 PM
Hey everyone,

I decided to make this video as I want to help the community get together behind an easy to accomplish (with teamwork and the proper gear ... NOT high ilvl, just PROPER gear!) strategy behind completing incursions. The mentality behind this is... if we all think the same, know the same strats and build the same ways, pugging will be easier as everyone will know the roles, strategies, and positioning to make it work.

My team has had this on farm for well over a week now and have completed the mission around 40-50 times and probably have only wiped 5 times in the past week! I've ONLY done this Incursion legit, and I can tell you this can be done with people that have ilvl 160+ (because thats where we started!) The recommended is correct. A properly geared character will not just throw on a new piece of gear cuz it's ilvl is better. (I'm not wearing a 240 because its just not good... it's just better for my build ... so I leave it off! You need them god roles) I would not be suprised if my team is one of the best PVE teams in the game at the moment.

Essentialy, while the game does not have "classes" , there are specific roles that players are building (and the matchmaking in the end NEEDS a way to queue as a DPS, Support, etc...) as players will need to all build specific roles in order to complete this incursion. 4 DPS could do it, but I doubt it'd be easy at this juncture.

This guide briefly covers the roles of the classes and how to build their abilities out (I will do a more indepth video for the Balanced Support role in the near future!).
It also covers calling the shots, keeping track of waves and timers, cooldowns, etc... kill priorities, positioning during specific waves, all that. (Uploading a video of a full run tomorrow as well if you want to watch a full run un-cut on how we do things.)

LINK HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcfXGQY26Bs

Please, leave feedback! We plan to destroy every incursion and I plan to make videos on how to complete them with ease! Help me make the format better, constructive feedback (and even negative if you're a meany) helps a lot. If you like, feel free to sub to my channel as well!

04-29-2016, 04:03 AM
Now that is some realy good guide. Even while i don't need to use this one, and i do challenge a lot with randoms in my team.. i have to say, that actualy idea of a meele to shotgunners is a great idea.. Will use this one from this moment for sure. Thanks. Oh btw thanks for advice with a gaz mine. Every time i was thinking how to actualy make these shotgunners to move their asses and don't waste my time) You are using i think almost the same build as me (i use 4 tactical set and 2 gold one with lot of DPS, 76k SP, HP, 65% armor) Don't know about all these roles.. Actualy you need just only one guy like me or you and others can be pretty much whatever. Team just need their leader. If team have a leader than pretty much whatever set of roles can do it. And one more thing. It is NOT a raid. First season pass update Metro is a RAID. This one is a HORDE MODE. Probably the lasyest ever.

05-02-2016, 08:41 PM
Great guide, thanks!

You were talking about a spawn timer, is there any documentation regarding how much time, within a wave, you have before more enemies are being spawned for the same wave?

Is it the same time for challenging and hardcore mode?

Thank you,

05-03-2016, 03:54 PM
Since you have a good guide, I figured I would piggy back off of you :D

This was on hard mode of course, but if you have someone who can take fire and another who can put up Smart cover
The column blocks the nades if you are sitting in this position: