View Full Version : Different Apocalypse question.

04-14-2016, 06:14 PM
So zombies are everywhere, except the Division, which is totally fine. But since people here, are game for an disaster of Apoc proportions let me pose you this. Bear with me.

In a lot of these Zombie scenario's they start small and then spiral, until half of the city is trying to eat the other half. With cops and later the national guard unable to do much about it.

For this example lets take a random streetcop, doing his thing. He gets a call about an assault in progress, he and his partner roll up on it and they come across this crazed individual that's eating the face of another. They order him to stop, which results into him getting up and walking towards them, moaning or not moaning. Being cops they tell the face-eater to stop and get down, repeatedly. Now depending on how strict their bosses are, they might taser him, beat him down, or shoot him.

Whichever one they do, when its over they go to aid, both the one that got his face chewed off and the assailant. (They might have just emptied their clips into the guy, but they're dutybound to aid him, once he shows signs of life, if they're really unlucky they even administer CPR) And as they try to help, they usually get bitten, or if not them then the ambulance people.

Since it's just a bite, he might get send home by the doctors. He goes to bed with a fever, a few hours later, his wife goes to check on him and has her former husband trying to chew his way through her neck. Kids go to check and suddenly there's 4 new zombies, just waiting for yet more first responders or neighbours to chew down on. And so on and so on. Until the national guard is overrun and the Airforce is carpet bombing, the city. (in one book they actually nuked the major cities)

NOW!, lets take it to our world. Same cop, same situation. Only on weekends, he's been watching the Walking dead with the missus, Wouldn't he be more likely to go for a headshot?, or if not him. Someone higher up in the foodchain, who has seen the same show/ movie/ comic, who might order the headshots?. And stopping the apocalypse before it really got going? What do you guys think.