View Full Version : Hoping for more evolution in the game.

04-11-2016, 12:42 AM
Personally I really like the core ideas behind the Division. My biggest complaint is the end game is really lacking. In fact, the end game for me is so unappealing that I likely will put the game on hold until some new content can be added. With dailies no longer there until the newest patch, my only option is either to collect crafting materials or go into the Dark Zone. I can't complete challenging missions yet which is what I am aiming to try to build.

From the sounds of it the newest patch sounds interesting but personally I really want other activities to participate in. Also, I want missions I can play solo or with friends. The problem I'm noticing is there seems to be alot more content for players whom have far better builds that players with lesser quality gear won't be able to participate in. Outside the dark zone it would be really nice to have daily bounties where players can go eliminate a specific target i.e.) named enemies or participate in random events that are randomly generated with each login. Maybe something like encounters but instead of earning base materials you earn end game perks like smaller amounts of phoenix credits and stuff.

I really don't feel like I am ever endangered for most of the map since for most of the main map enemies are capped at level 25. I find outside the dark zone its really nothing to do unless you have story missions, encounters or side missions to complete. I will mention is once you complete them that is it, there isn't any option to replay them for better rewards or anything like that. Supposedly there are still named enemies to be found but I can never seem to find them.

I really see the division suffering from the same issue Blizzard encountered with Diablo III. Making the focus on playing heavily scripted campaign missions for rewards gets really predictable and boring. It would be really nice to see randomized events with not so predictable outcomes or objectives.

While it sounds good to be getting better loot drops for high ends I still think a bit of randomization is still a good thing. I would like to earn a full set but I wasn't too happy to hear you simply can't complete a full set unless you can do the latest incursion so unless I can do that I'm basically going to be forever missing pieces. The thing I think games like Diablo III has is at any point you can earn whatever you could possibly want, though typically the tougher the enemy the better rewards you can earn.

Moving forward, the devs working on the Division need to add content that not only goes for the best geared players but also those whom are lesser geared or most importantly a bit more casual in their game play. I think it would be better if anyone could play the incursions at whatever difficulty they want and at least have a chance of getting their missing pieces of their set. I believe I heard that not even the devs could beat the latest incursion which I found a bit strange. I get that the division is a game you need to grind to get the best loot but there needs to 1) be alot more variety in what players can do overall 2) make the game play experience feel less scripted overall and provide players with a bit more randomized behaviors and actions for end game content and 3) work to allow players earn what they want to earn at a difficulty that works best for their current skill level. I find alot of the end game I can't play since I need a far better build or I am forced to play with a group to get anywhere.

Any thoughts?