View Full Version : The Division - L86 LSW Weapon Guide (Statistics, Variants and Class Recommendation)

04-04-2016, 10:28 PM
In this episode we cover the L86 Light Support Weapon or the simply L86 LSW. We’ll inform you on the general information, weapon statistics, modifications, variants and a class recommendation.

The general information consists of the full name, weapon category, size, weight, rounds, magazine size and fire mode. The weapon statistics cover the damage, optimal range, maximum range, rate of fire, stability, accuracy, reload speed and weapon bonus.
The modifications consist of the optics, magazine, underbarrel, muzzle and skin. The variant cover the different variants of that weapon and the statistical difference. Finally the class recommendation summarizes the best class build around this weapon. The focus is on the primary, secondary, side-arm and the three skills.

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