View Full Version : PC Michael Dufrane Echo #2 Bugged

04-04-2016, 02:02 PM
1. What is the issue you're experiencing?
-I am unable to collect the last echo I need for 100% completion on all collectibles due to Michael Dufrane Echo #2.
2. What were you doing when this issue occurred?
-I was just running around collecting everything to unlock clothing items and what not. I came across just this one Echo that I could not complete, I can investigate everyone in the echo but can't pick up or complete it.
3. Are you able to recreate this issue?
-Yes I can recreate the issue as I go back to it everyday just to see if it has been resolved, but the same outcome happens.
4. What have you done in an attempt to correct this issue?
-I've tried running out of the echo and back in, but nothing happens. I have tried logging off and back in, nothing happens. I have closed out completely and come back in and nothing happens.

Please get this fixed :), really want to get the 100% completion on all collectibles.