View Full Version : PC Tech issue - codes not working, content missing etc

04-01-2016, 05:11 AM

Like many people... i could not access the agent origins free stuff because i am not from north america. I had to sign up to the "everyone else" website page that as far as i can tell is just cluttered with ******** posts and no replies.
We were told to make 10 posts in order to open up our free skin suit to make up for the north Americans getting all theirs for free for typing in a ****ty code.

Was finally sent a code, i put it into the website, yet i haven't got it in my inventory or in the redemption vendor.

I pre ordered the game along time ago, played some beta weekends and did not receive any of the content i was meant to, just the items i bought with credits in the uplay reward store.
Is there some kind of ticketing system or is it, from what i can tell, just lots of posts on the forums that don't really get replied to?

Anyone know?