View Full Version : PC shield bugs

03-31-2016, 09:50 PM
been having a lot of issues with the shield talent examples of bugs are :

1. Shield ability used but no shield out my can equip all my weapons but the primary and secondary when fired will do no damage ammo will be depleted and the pistol is the only weapon that does damage. game seems to think i have my shield out even though its not.
2. Press shield button animation starts to show character pulling the shield out then interrupts and the ability CD resets immediately and wont let me use it as i get the same results over and over i found that if it does do this sometimes going into cover and pressing it will allow for it to work and or give me the first bug above.
3. Pressing the shield bug will sometimes equip my SMG in my weapon hand allowing me to use which isn't a bad bug but makes the shield a bit powerful although this bug also makes u drop your shield for a second when u reload the SMG but then pops back up after reload animation.
4. Pressing the shield button draws my shield but my character has the pistol aimed at the ground and when firing just shoots the ground even during aimed mode

These are just a few ive found so far maybe someone else can confirm these as well but i dont see many who use the shield talent