View Full Version : The OTHG ( OverTheHillGang ) Racing div. looking for older racers ( Age 30+ )

03-29-2016, 07:07 PM
Hey TM Turbo racers,

If you are age 30 or over and are looking for some new gaming friends in your age group please send me a XBL mes. & follow me on XBONE


I started the OTHG almost 4 years ago for Trials Evolution and we moved onto Fusion & have been going strong ever since.

Now we are going racing.... TM Turbo (,The Crew,Forza 6 & Dirt Rally....etc.)

We have 50+ members from all over the world and have a online party going almost every day/night.

We run weekly HLC ( HotLapChallenges ) on Fusion ( This week running week # 199 ) and hope to start them on TM Turbo soon.( 3 to 5 tracks per week )

The HLC's are great for helping push each other to faster times. ( Our OTHG Fusion team is 3rd in the world on the GLB's )

So here's a great chance to make lots of new TM Turbo & racing friends....please mes. me with any ?'s & follow me on XB1

Thank-you :cool:

06-11-2016, 10:25 AM
Hey Mate, haven't played Trials for quite some time (just couldn't get into Fusion)... Just picked up TMTurbo & started playing today 👍🏼