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03-23-2016, 06:31 PM
Hello everybody. Surely no one thought that playing characters 7 often do not want to because of the freedom of choice of the company? The guy comes into play to relax and not think in what is a company game, and the game puts you in turn to choose. Personally, I remember going to the heroes,I just continue company, enjoying the story, but did not think about for whom to play, not really understanding the course of events and their relationship to other parts of game. The lack of a clear framework for chronology companies brings misunderstanding of what is happening.
I propose to add the strict sequence of the company (according to developers) and if not removed - so add a free choice of companies as a menu option, the choice of which occurs on the first run of the game. This decision was partly offset dissatisfaction with not animated menus of the game, as there is no need to give him so much attention.
Let's make the game better

Sorry for my google translate:/
I hope you understand what I mean