View Full Version : toughts about TMT [UMF]Vaio

03-22-2016, 07:07 PM
This game is simply wonderfull, i loved everything about it. Im gonna get used to air controls(Valley,Lagoon) despite i disliked them first. Imo Canyon is a homerun, better than ever, Valley just might feel a littlebit ruined at first, but i got used to stadium after TMS so im sure ill love this whole game as much as i have loved everything Nadeo ever has done.

I hope youll advertise your players page and run a TM Exchange of your own, with showcases, awards etc. i hope this community will be what it used to be, great job with those pings btw this is the only game in wich its easy to be polite :D Speaking of community my biggest concern about this magnificent game is you cant change your nickname with consoles, i think if you guys wont start running team leagues you should atleast allow us to use 6 digit tags, kinda like CoD but you can be more creative(Nr1 point of trackmania).
Let us form teams, they'll support the community..

Talking of RACING: what well need: Dedimania, Team Leagues, Race of the Champions, ''TM-Exchange''!] Without forgetting colored tags=salt of trackmania! Keep on the good work, i cant wait :D Happy easter! My fingersss will bleed.