View Full Version : Xbox One SMG and NPC banter audio bug.

03-17-2016, 11:32 AM
I have run into two different audio bugs:

1st: SMG Vector ACP highend weapon fire sound starts firing normally then after about 3 rounds sounds like its silenced then no audio at all now the sound for this gun works fine if the bug bellow is in effect.

2nd: NPC banter both from civilians and enemy NPC's audio stops. You no longer hear them call out or anything.

Oddly If the SMG bug is active the NPC banter is fine or vice versa.

Only way to fix the NPC banter has been for me to hard reset the X-Box, I have tried ever type of audio configuration and the bug still happens. The SMG audio bug seems to happen at any time. I noticd the NPC batner bug seems to strike more when I have gone in to the Darkzone.

03-18-2016, 04:02 AM
Anyone have this issue? are the DEVs aware of it?

03-18-2016, 10:00 AM
Ok I think its a DarkZone or something to do with sounds from there issue.. before this last patch this never happened...

Now with in hour the enemy NPC's have not banter or callout... meaning you never hear them yelling when charging you or any tactic things you would hear them call out...

You hear them shoot and them die.. but that's it.