View Full Version : Xbox One BUG on STASH / BACKPACK - cant retrieve or deconstruct items

03-15-2016, 04:57 PM
1 Title: BUG on STASH / BACKPACK - cant retrieve or deconstruct items

-I cant retrieve(send to backpack) or deconstruct my weapon mods on stash inventory(various errors: message of dark zone contamined items or just nothing happens when try deconstruct;

-on my stash several items VANISH and REAPPEAR on next day, yesterday all my weapon mods vanished and today all my weapon mods reappear on my inventory (second time);

-these errors happens on backpack inventory too, happened yesterday;

-i have slots free on backpack when trying retrieve items from stash ( i have 45/60 on backpack whn try retrieve any items on stash).

2. What were you doing when this issue occurred?

-this happens using any stash ( alone on my world or in a party), i discover this trying retrieve/deconstruct my items on stash.

-this bug happens since Friday.

3. Are you able to recreate this issue?

-This bug is already happening for days and until now persists

-check these vídeos showing the problem

4. What have you done in an attempt to correct this issue?

-tried logoff / restart xbox one / clear cache of xbox one;

-i stopped of store weapon mods on my stash for my problem don’t get worse;

-for backpack error, reequip several backpack gear apparently solve the problem temporal(worked yesterday on backpack only;

-now i need have at least 15~20 slots free on backpack and stash for event of ITEMS reappear etc on backpack andr stash but this is not a solution, just a quick solution for try still playing.

03-17-2016, 03:16 PM
now one of my gold weapons DISSAPEAR from stash

im thinkink of stop of playing and of course i dont will recommend this game for anyone, this game is loot based and i have serious issues with LOOT !!!

03-17-2016, 05:04 PM
also my five agent origins/preorder outfits vanish!

i lost : survivor, paramedic, firefighter, Hunter and police outfits.... they disappear from appearance menu.

i have this sets due preorder and redeemed agent origins code but all DISAPPEAR yesterday

03-21-2016, 02:07 PM
so, 4 sets today are available to redeem in rewards vendor but SURVIVOR SET STILL MISSING

my yellow high end pistol dont come back untill now

my inventory ( weapon mods) still LOCKED and bugged

03-21-2016, 07:29 PM
now another weapon VANISH from my stash, my vektor purple and my stash counting change of 42/40 to 45/40, so problably my weapon was lost and my mods unequipped

this explain 5 weapon skin on weapon gear tab of stash... AT LEAST 5 weapons DISAPPEAR from my stash until now !!!

2 them are :

High end pistol ( px 45)
SUPERIOR vektor 45 acp

how many weapons i need loose until stop play the division ?

03-22-2016, 03:41 PM
vídeo showing that my weapons are unequipped and vanish after Trying join one mission


my weapons gone and my bag is beyond capacity

03-22-2016, 03:52 PM
vector back

bug of join mission happened and several weapons VANISHED from my backpack ( includind vector not equipped)


on char screen appear that i still have weapons


03-22-2016, 03:55 PM
This stuff was all happening to me and now I cant log in to play at all. Get out while you can. This game is horribly BROKEN!!

03-23-2016, 01:50 AM
yeah, thats a shame that my game is digital, if it was retail disc at least selling probably get back some of Money wasted on this ****

i already abandon Assassins creed franchise after AC black flag/rogue, now i will ABANDON ANY TITLE FROM UBISOFT

if in the future i play something from ubisoft i will buy USED to ubi dont get any Money from me again, but at moment i will simply never buy anything from BUGsoft/ubisoft again.

on tweeter via DM support told me that cannot do ANYTHING but already aware of this bug, what the ? how GAME DEVS cant do nothing at least ponctual just for let me continue playing the game? thats the service that we deserve after spend Money for gold edition of this crap ?

whats the point of amazing gameplay in a loot based game if OUR LOOT KEEP VANISHING and other bugs LOCKING accounts ?

03-23-2016, 02:34 PM
bug from today :

in each login at least 2 weapons vanish and my char screen shows 5 weapons equipped ( that dissapear when start the game)

acr and m44 on char screen

acr and m44(& vector) dont appear on inventory

when start NO WEAPONS

no weapons but "m44 appear equipped"

another try and now 5 weapons on char screen and NO weapons ingame


try logoff and login and...problem is jut getting worse

03-23-2016, 02:44 PM
That looks like the problems I had. But today I even can't login - infinite Loading screen. I realy hope they will fix it and I won't lose any progress or items - I am quite sure our char datas are corrupted on the server and when I get the answer to start all over again - no sir no chance. Let's see what will happen!

03-23-2016, 03:11 PM
guys, ubisoft is a company seeking profit.... so lets try reduce their profit of only way that ubi understand : KEEPING CUSTOMERS OUT OF BUY DIVISION.

we have a product bugged in hands, lets tell on all social medias what potencial new costumers will found on division : BUGS , ACCOUNT LOCKED, WEAPONS AND GEAR VANISHING etc

lets advise ALL for dont buy division ( and maybe dont buy anything from ubisoft) for ubi learn to respect our clients ( us) and give a FIX to our problems

TODAY i start to post on twitter, instagram etc my bugs, i suggest that all of us do the same, lets mining division sales until division be recognized as another BIGGER flaw from ubisoft ( like AC unity bugs and others)

feel free to retweet my posts of my account on twitter ( @darkpda) or create new threads in all possible fóruns and social medias