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03-12-2016, 03:41 AM

I just uploaded a 'mod' that removes the crouch HUD icon:


Removes the crouch icon.

There are two ways to remove the crouch icon; I highly recommend doing it manually as will be explained below:

Manual option:
Find the 'GamerProfile.XML' located in the far cry primal documents folder which is not the installation folder. This should be in your documents (my documents) folder. Yours may be different but my path was: C:\Users\uSER\Documents\my games\Far Cry Primal

Open the GamerProfile.XML in a text editor (e.g. wordpad, notepad, etc.)

Find the line that says CrouchIndicatorEnabled="1" and change the 1 to a 0
Save and close the file and you're done.

Auto option:
Download the main file for this mod. Copy the file to C:\Users\uSER\Documents\my games\Far Cry Primal and click yes when prompted to overwrite the GamerProfile.XML

The crouch icon will now be removed from your game but due to the nature of the XML file, all of your settings will now have changed to my setup (the XML file you installed is literally just taken from my game).

This is no problem and certainly not permanent, but you will have to go into your game and change all of the settings back to how you prefer it. Crouch icon will remain hidden.

Obviously the manual option is easy, hence why I recommend going with that.

If you used either option, please send an endorsement or kudos my way - it's always appreciated.

A note on future modding:
I have tried to uncook the game files using modding tools intended for FC4. Unfortunately, I was not successful.
From my understanding, two or three other dedicated people are working on trying to solve the compiling issue which will then allow us to start modding. It may take some time but with any luck we will be able to release some new mods soon that do more than simply removing an icon. I will put my mods up ASAP and I will post on the FCP forum when I do.

Some ideas I had for future mods:
Extending the day/night cycle, specifically with the goal of making nights longer.

Reducing the enemy spawn frequency, whether of animal, humans, or both with the goal of making the environment feeling more quiet/eerie and encounters seeming a little more special.

Removing the hunters sense highlighting of animals and humans. Tracks, blood, and scent should all remain but animals and humans will need to be visually spotted, thus making for more cautious endeavours into the wilderness (especially when crossing rivers - no more 'hidden' crocs and bitefish being lit up neon yellow like a big warning sign)

03-13-2016, 01:34 AM
Since it's based on the GamerProfile.xml, it's probably best to post the same instructions here you posted on nexusmods. And name the thread accordingly. Right now it seems you are talking about how Ubisoft fixed "Crouch HUD icon". Perhaps a [mod] or [config tweak] prefix.

03-13-2016, 06:22 AM
Hey Janne,

Thanks for the feedback - installation instructions added to this thread but I can't change the subject field unfortunately.

I was looking at your modding tools for FC4 and just had a look at what you posted on your blog about Primal - really stoked that you're going to throw your weight behind modding Primal.

Will you post on the forums once yourself and Gibbed have solved the compression issue?
I've got a few ideas for mods that I would love to try out...


03-13-2016, 12:59 PM
The compression issue is a bit out of my reach. RazorFinnish has been stabbing it pretty much since the launch of the game. Hopefully Gibbed finds time to give it a shot too.