View Full Version : Xbox One Crazy Respawn Rates in DZ02, Yesterday...

03-11-2016, 07:16 PM
DZ02 was a nightmare for me, all day, yesterday. The respawn rates were not only insanely fast (as in enemy groups coming back as soon as the last one of them dies), but there seemed to be a lot more of them than usual, on top of that.
So, what happens is I finally catch enough breathing room from campers and baiters to extract some gear, and I get swarmed by enemy NPC's. I'm not even exaggerating... like, 15-20 of them chasing me all over the map just because I wanted to extract some items.
And it was like this, all day.

What happened, here? Did someone forget a decimal point and bork the respawn rates, or are you trying to correct wayward players? Because if this was an attempt to discourage extraction area camping, you did it wrong.... the swarms of NPC's are far worse than any griefer.