View Full Version : PS4 Purchased equipment disappeared.

03-11-2016, 03:20 AM
A gun I purchased in game disappeared from inventory

When I unlocked the Advanced Armory at level 11 I purchased a Blue level 12 assault rifle for a little over 5800 credits. It cleaned me out, but was a huge upgrade. I knew i couldn't equip yet so I went on and started doing side missions and encounters to level up. About 20 minutes or so and 3 side missions in, I found a crate that gave me a blue double barreled shotgun. When I opened my inventory to inspect it, the assault rifle I had purchased wasn't there. Nor was the money I had used to purchase it.

I had done all selling and breaking down for crafting material before I purchased the gun so I know I didn't accidentally break it down or sell it. I went and checked my stash even though I knew I didn't stash it and it wasn't there either. Very frustrating because at level 11 5800 credits takes a long time to save up.