View Full Version : subway morgue on hard glitch/error

03-10-2016, 07:30 AM
Not sure if anyone else gets this or has had it. But I was team leader in my group (lvl 10) and my buddies were 8 and 9. Did it on Hard and got all the way to final boss and killed him after awhile but went to get into elevator and there was No elevator there.

Had no idea how to finish mission, so we all decided to run back to the beg of the map to see if we missed something and when I finally came out it gave only me the credit for completing mission and my buddies got nothing.

Unless I m missing something here that really doesnt make sense, anyone know why this happend or anyone else get this?

03-10-2016, 11:08 AM
Hi there, Steve4829,

Thank you for reporting this! Welcome to the forums, also.

Does this happen in every instance of this mission? And has it only happened on this mission specifically?

03-11-2016, 07:14 PM
I am having the same exact issue, at the end of the subway morgue mission, I enter the elevator and then I am stuck in there and can't progress.