View Full Version : Could not preorder gold edition, preordered season pass instead

03-09-2016, 12:54 AM
A few problems, first, I played the beta and can not download the hat, not a big deal. Accessed agent origins and I never recieved the code to download the 4 outfits, where the code would be is just an orange dot. I see others having this problem. Other main issue is that I went to upgrade my preorder and was unavailable so I preordered the season pass which is the exact same thing as preordering gold edition but cannot access the bdu outfit and really want it and feel like I deserve it. I have my code from the season pass preorder and as you can see on my Xbox profile I have the game on day one. I can send copies of receipts if need be but I would like my outfit. Thanks for any help you can offer.