View Full Version : Multiple, and constant performance/ technical issues not present in beta

03-08-2016, 11:12 AM
Hey so i would like to report a ton of issues with the game.

1)Uplay is not syncing with the game, time played, achievements, friends playing, rewards, nothing. Constant login issues, disconnects, and just poor performance I get that Ubisoft refuses to throw in the towel with Uplay but i guarantee the vast majority of problems with the launch are because or your completely unnecessary and ineffective attempt at DRM

2) Constant frame rate drops. I managed a constant 40fps on a mix of high and ultra settings during the beta, no stutter, no massive frame drops unless there was a huge party in the drop zone. However every time i have managed to actually log in and play the performance is awful. Constant frame drops, stuttering, lock ups and graphical glitches. During the intro mission assaulting the precinct I managed to go from 40fps outside, to 10fps when i turned a corner to go towards the parking garage, to 80fps on the first floor of the building, 40 when i hit the stairs, to a completely unplayable 8-10fps during the final rooftop confrontation. Puting the game on the lowest possible settings saw little to no improvement despite being way lower than what i comfortably played for hours during the beta

3)Controls directly linked to FPS causing just stupidly unplayable gameplay when paired with the above. I'm trying to be civil here but this is the worst ****ing thing. Frame drops cause uncontrollable and horrendous input lag, leading to having to hit the medpac key multiple times to get it to work, having to constantly adjust where you are because the input you pressed 2 or 3 seconds ago is going through now. This also greatly effects mouse sensitivity causing the mouse to jump wildly or barely move.

4)In game rewards and unlocks not unlocking. YES I CHECKED THE DAMN REWARDS VENDOR, EVERYONE HAS.

5)Voice chat doesnt work for me

6)GPS waypoint has a few times now glitched out and led me way around when it could have sent me down a street it would send me 2 blocks up first adding tons of travel time, i just ignore it now.

7)Civilians just run away fwhen i get close to try and give them something


Currently sitting at my 4th DELTA 20000984 after getting to the main menu, selecting my character, loading 100% then getting kicked back out

Multiple Sierra, and Bravo errors, however i didnt take note of those.

This is really annoying that, again, Ubisoft can't launch a game, despite multiple alphas and betas.

03-08-2016, 12:31 PM

Frame rate drops steadily after getting into game. First load inot game sees 60+fps that decays quickly to unplayable levels

Weird de-sync where party members aren't seeing the same loot, and or loot crates and loot bieng unusable/uunable to be picked up

Frame rate drops and stutter appears to be from a memory leak, reducing all graphics to bear minimum still sees gpu usage rapidly climb, even when standing still.

03-09-2016, 10:44 AM
Seems like many are getting the error codes. I am getting the Sierra one and I think it just means your have been dc'ed from the game. And for me at least, when I try to log back on, I some times get the Mike error code. This happens to me all the time, and I think it is just their servers can't handle the strain of the amount of players. Just give it some time until one of two things happen; the servers are fixed, or enough people rage wait the game that the problem just solves itself LOL